Thursday, September 18, 2014

27 Weeks: Sayonara Second Trimester...

it's my last week of Second Trimester!

You're on the home stretch. Once you've completed 27 weeks, you're into your third trimester. Your baby is growing steadily as he prepares for his birth day. He will gain weight rapidly over the next few weeks. As the size of your bump increases, you may feel more breathless and tired. Your baby's acting more like a newborn now, too. He opens and closes his eyes, sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, and may suck a finger or thumb. He may also be hiccuping a lot, which explains that odd rhythmic sensation you may have been feeling. 


Prego Updates

this crop top is pretty sweet.  a cheap find at Forever21.  belly is getting fuller.  the belly button is getting pushed out though i have yet to see any sign of Sir Linea Nigra.    

it was either last week or the week before i had a rough night of sleep.  i could feel my right calf tensing a little and i knew that meant LEG CRAMPS.  it kept me awake most of the night.  i was so scared of falling asleep and having it shock me awake that i slept lightly and woke multiple times.  well, last night i got my first one.  i started hitting kevin to help pull my foot back and massage my calf, trying not to shriek as chloe was sleeping beside me and has been miserable with her first cold from Back to School.

also had a very hot encounter with another girl in my dreams which was truly excellent considering there has been zero action otherwise.  thankfully, with nobody i know.  she looked like one of those models from Ben Trovato with long lean bodies and the tiny boobs that i wish i had…

getting more real baby movements as opposed to the quick little bumps here and there.  a lot more turning and pushing happening so that you can start to push back!  i'm so so happy that Fall is coming.  i've been waiting for the cool weather since before the start of summer.  i'm back to enjoying my London Fogs and wearing scarves and the occasional sweater.  second trimester is so good, i hope that all my go-go-go keeps me a little smaller this pregnancy so that i can remain more mobile.  

Work Updates

i have more energy these days, though it gets thoroughly used up with all the sudden projects that have landed in my lap over the past month.  i've been doing a bunch of graphic design work with caela with a handful of photography jobs.  one of the bigger projects has been a rebranding of a Vietnamese restaurant in Tinseltown including a new logo, window decal, in-house and take-out menu, food photos, sandwich board, and business card.  it's a different pace with less risk involved and less physical demands than photos, so i've welcomed it with open arms.  the last few photo gigs have been for events which has given me the opportunity to photograph outside of my usual children and family pace and style.  i just did a family session last friday and will be doing another one tomorrow in a big beautiful home on English Bluff!  

House Updates

i'm sad to say, we had an accepted offer from last week that fell through yesterday.  mega bummer town.  thankfully we still have some time to sell, but i was really looking forward to not having to clean like a maniac for last minute viewings.  that was really sucking my energy dry!  we have decided on bathroom tiles and the sink and we are still shopping around for a good price for a modern square tub.  we are still on the fence about carpet vs lino.  i'm miserable about not being able to have the concrete floors again so i figure maybe if we just get a lino in a similar colour, we can put down some colourful fun rugs and still keep that same clean modern colour scheme.  it's temporary while the kids are young and disgusting…  and if this baby projectile vomits as much as Moses did, then we will definitely be thankful for lino over carpet.  wood or laminate is out of the question because there is already two (possibly 3) different woods running through the home.  

October is less than 2 weeks away…  omg omg omg

photos untouched.  not too shabby.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NOMS: Honeydew Chicken with Cashews

so, i've had this recipe in our little recipe box for 2 years now.  my friend's husband works at Market at the Shangri-La downtown and so my mouth and belly always get super excited for birthdays or get-togethers at their home.  this recipe was super quick and easy once you've marinated the chicken for 2 hours.

6 Organic chicken thighs
Marinate for 2 Hours (bowl or ziploc bag)
with oil, turmeric, chilli powder, cumin, ground coriander, salt + pepper

A few good pinches of everything though i added a little more of the coriander because i freaking love its citrusy smell and taste.  

Preheat your oven to 350 
Place your chicken on a baking rack and cook for 25 minutes
(or if you aren't broke, use that BBQ you are so fortunate to have)

if you are smart and have a rice cooker, start it up.
if you like to test the fates and do it old school in the pot, best of luck

back when i lived at home, we never used the rice cooker except for when we had big family parties.  i was the designated kitchen wench as part of my household duties and was the person that made the rice old school in the pot.  and 15% of the time my mom could be heard cursing me through the smoky hallway because i had left the kitchen and forgotten about the boiling pot of rice.  in my old age, my memory is even less dependable and so it is rice cooker 100% of the time.  

Honeydew Dressing
Olive Oil, fish sauce, lime juice, red thai chill, garlic, salt, cilantro

he didn't give me any measurements but i'll say 
1.5T of oil
1/2tsp fish sauce
Juice from 1 lime
Chili and garlic to taste


Blend it all together and smell it and be like 
"Oh baby, that is truly the shit!"

Chop up your honeydew into bite sized pieces
Mix with dressing and store in the fridge

I used a smaller honeydew for this recipe and it was a little more honeydew than I would personally have liked.  I would have used maybe 3/4 of the honeydew for this recipe and the saved the rest for a snack for the following day… or use all the honeydew and buy more chicken.  Whatever...

Grab a cup or two of cashews (depending on how nutty you are) and toast them in a pan.


we have had showings everyday for the past 5 days plus tomorrow
and i have had to fix my bed a million times because of these monkeys

sigh… the cost of burnt cashews is sometimes still worth it

your chicken is ready and you know because you cut off a piece and tasted it and said

"omg i totally was nervous about how this was going to taste with all those spices but this is totally so freaking good that i am also going to shove some melon and cashews and rice into my mouth to try all of it together because i'm so hungry and can't wait!!!!!…"

Mix your honeydew and chicken together
Serve over a bowl of rice
Garnish with cashews + cilantro


thanks Alvaro for the recipe

Monday, September 8, 2014


so these are a few weeks old now but i'm sharing them anyway.

we've been having a lot of showings lately including our Open House yesterday.  it's been a mix of heaven + hell living in a space that demands a state of constant perfection just in case someone wants to come see our place.  i'm learning how to be OCD bootcamp style.  we are all living according to a very different set of rules than we are used to, the kids included.  they can't do anything.  they are old enough to understand that if we want someone to buy our place, their room can not look like it's been devastated by a hurricane... or rather two.  we have pared down our things to the absolutely necessary which has helped to keep clutter at bay and easier to find a place for everything to belong.  of course there are a few things here and there that end up being hidden in a drawer, but i'm understanding the peace of mind that comes with having LESS.

the photos below are from when we emptied the bedrooms and den to have the new carpets installed.

i think the kids enjoyed the temporary clusterfuck

in the midst of the craziness, we managed to enjoy a lovely homemade gluten-free pizza dinner, cozily centred around our stump.

i love this guy
i feel so blessed to have such a great guy by my side as a partner in life and father to our children

salami, cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms generously coated with spinach + arugula

to our growing family and new beginnings


Thursday, September 4, 2014

25 Weeks

i am so insanely tired

i look like a wreck
and the baby isn't even here yet
this is literally a lipstick on a pig situation happening here

i've had a lot of work come my way in the last two weeks
just as my body has really been slowing down and requiring more rest

i need to watch more Game of Thrones
i also need a t-shirt that says MOTHER OF DRAGONS
for when this baby is born

Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of Summer

August 31st.

i wished the summer away, and now it is over.
i'm mildly sad but mostly excited.  i realize that at some point i will regret wishing away the summer but honestly, i still have this weird pee + snot inducing lung hack that comes and goes as it pleases and the heat in our A/C-free car is just too insufferable that maybe for ONE year in my life, regret will not show its ugly face.

that said, i'm still going to try to hit up Playland and if possible maybe Splashdown.  i live in Tsawwassen for chrissake and the kids have been swimming with lifejackets all summer… i think they really would enjoy the big slides!  OH!  and i really really wanted to take them back to the Granville Island waterpark which also didn't happen.

oh well.

school starts in 2 days, at least for Chloe.
last summer she was 2.  and in 3 months she will be 4.  what happened to being 3???
i feel like the same thing happened with Moses.  somehow preschool really made time fly.
how did two years of preschool happen so fast?  how is he on his way to full day school for the next 13 years of his life?  HOW.

our place is finally up for Sale.  we've had a total of 3 showings already.
crossing my fingers it sells fairly fast with someone who is...


… OK with moving in by November while we reno throughout october.
hopefully someone  by the end of September.

September will be spent adjusting to the new school schedule.  i'm upset for the students and teachers, but a part of me is really happy that i only have to adjust one child at a time and it's the child that only has to go twice a week.  i've been having a really hard time falling asleep lately followed by the wrath of insanely terrifying dreams that tend to come along with my pregnancies.  i wake up in a manic state freaking out about the crazy demented guy that is trying to break into my house and then can't fall asleep because now i need to figure out what to do if this actually happens in real life.

perhaps, i am being gently prepped for the interrupted nights that await me?

we get possession October.  the first weekend and partial week will be spent ripping up carpet and prepping the walls for paint.  the second weekend will be spent painting the entire home and hopefully getting carpet afterwards.  THIS IS WHAT I AM REALLY EXCITED FOR.  

just took photos for our house the other day…  i know it's not anywhere even close to what it looks like on a normal basis, but i'm glad to have these photos of our home to take with us as we move on to the next stage of our lives.

god i'm going to miss the light in this room and my dark grey wall

this is where i was pregnant with chloe
this is where i nursed her through the winter nights

where so many many photos of the kids were taken over the past 3-4 years
woken up by their smiling faces and good morning hugs and kisses

we painted this room blue when we first moved in
to think it use to be so incredibly bare, with nothing but a crib and a shelf for little Momo

this is where Moses first learned to sleep in a big boy bed and where i slept with him during his 12-18 month period when he was having night terrors.  

chloe moved in shortly and i remember walking in every morning to her giant grin when she saw me come through the door.  she was just a soft and warm bundle of joy that could not yet walk but already had that insanely happy spirit and fun personality.  

so many stories read
so many pirate ships and restaurants, princess parties and camping trips 

i'm sure many of you are laughing at how clean and empty the main area looks here
the impossible is possible if not for 5 minutes!

i haven't stopped loving the Light Opal walls and i am hoping to use it in our new place if not for a feature wall a little ways down the road once we have settled it.

i am truly in love with the new Tretchikoff painting of The Green Lady
i have looked for this painting forever and Courtney scored it at Value Village last year
only to receive news that she and Dustin would be moving to Montreal and needed to unload

i know exactly where our console and this painting is going to go in our new home

so many many many dinner guests at our table over the past 5 years
so many drinks and laughs and delicious food shared

the kitchen where i learned to cook
thanks to my gourmet neighbour and friend Cait

i have spent so many hours in this kitchen progressing my culinary skills
i've come a very very long way from rubbery scrambled eggs to queen egg poacher  
from cakebox mix to quinoa cake from scratch, making rouxs and proper stir-fry to roasting whole chickens stuffed with fresh garden herbs

the kids will miss the 10am sprinklers and looking at bugs with their magnifying glass
and we will all miss watching the annual BC Day fireworks from this patio

come November i'll be the size of a house and probably ready to give myself a c-section.  we will have moved in to our new home and slowly simmer into the new juices, fall in love with it and figure out what things we need to change in the future.  

Christmas will arrive... 
but hopefully not before we meet our final little addition to the family.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chuck + Chelsea Get Hitched

went to our last wedding of the summer this past weekend.  feeling as tired as i have lately, i was thankful that it was a smaller family wedding (Kevin's cousin on his Mom's side) and that it was an easy 5 minutes from our home at the Cammidge House by Centennial Beach!  i've seen so many weddings take place here but it was my first time actually being invited to one!  after the crazy amount of weddings we have been to over the past 5 years, outdoor summer weddings are definitely my favourite!



a perfect day for a very sweet couple!

Congrats guys!