Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Lola Bear

Harvest @ 243 Union Street

what a fantastic weekend!  kevin and i spent Saturday afternoon together while the kids went over to my uncle's for a birthday lunch for my mom.  we did some fun errands, enjoyed a bowl of noodles at Harvest and a slice of chocolate pecan pie from The Pie Shoppe, met up with Sally and checked out some stores FOR PLEASURE.   i can't remember the last time we were out for an afternoon ENJOYING ourselves the way we used to on weekends prior to having kids.  we returned to Tsawwassen to have a family dinner with kevin's immediate family and his Nana and Granddad who just returned from their 4 month cruise.

I brought kevin to Steveston Village Vietnamese Restaurant a few weeks ago and he's been talking about it ever since.  this is the guy that never ordered the pho for years up until i made it at home a few months ago.  he always ordered the dry vermicelli bowl with meat and veggies, but he's finally come over to the other side.  for the last week, he has been looking for an excuse to go back to have the noodles that taste unlike any other.  they are softer somehow…  

he made pancakes for breakfast and after a little tidying up, we headed to Steveston for a play at the park and pho for lunch!


glorious.  so glorious.  
we both ordered a large and the kids cleaned up a large between themselves.
i ordered the local free range chicken and he ordered the rare beef.

we headed to the dike to walk off our full bellies

it was also my mom's birthday!
we headed home to get her birthday dinner going, starting with the cover salad on this month's alive magazine: Sweet and Spicy Quinoa, Cabbage and Apple Salad.  Quinoa, chickpeas, red cabbage, Granny Smith apple chunks, scallions and toasted almond and parsley.  dressing was super light and just as it is described: sweet and spicy!  colourful, fresh, crunchy and light, this salad will be showing up throughout the Spring and Summer!

i don't know how kevin manages to pull recipes out of his butt but he does.  he made this a number of weeks ago and i loved it so much.  of course, he didn't write down how he made it so he had to make it up again (and he still hasn't written it down…) but it turned out just as delicious as the first time.  pan-seared halibut on rice with a light Thai coconut curry sauce, topped with shredded carrot and toasted sesame seeds, red chili pepper and garlic.

dessert was humble but delicious.  gluten-free chocolate cupcakes from our previous dinner topped with Coconut Bliss ice-cream, pineapples, mint and lime zest.  not too shabby using what we had!

nobody complained.  a lovely evening had by all.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Dragon Bowl a la The Naam

I haven't been to The Naam in years.  The Naam is a 24 hour Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver.  The shredded carrots and beets that were called for in the previous night's Veggie Burger recipe reminded me of the Dragon Bowls at the Naam.  Sometimes I really don't know how I pull these things out of my butt, but it feels soooo good!  Especially when the recipe is a success!  

There are 5 varieties of these Dragons Bowls

1.  The Naam
Macrobiotic special with steamed veggies on organic brown rice with miso gravy, tofu, peanut sauce, organic alfalfa sprouts and wakame

2.  The Thai
A coconut curry sauce on steamed veggies and rice with deep-fried tofu, sprouts, grated, carrots and beets, and fresh cilantro

3.  The Mexi
A dragon bowl made with organic rice, chipotle chill, steamed veggies, salsa and cheese topped with carrots sprouts, beets, guacamole and miso gravy

4.  The Gold Dragon
A delicious mix of Naam fries, cheese, miso tracy, steamed veggies, sprouts, carrots and deep fried tofu

5.  The Dragon Plate
For vegan dragons!  Steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower on organic brown rice with miso gravy

They are mostly the same with their own spin.  I need to up my tofu recipes and thefirstmess did not disappoint with yet another fantastic recipe: Favourite Tofu!  She writes:

This stuff is so appealing that I’ve had no trouble getting younger and more squeamish populations to eat it. I used to spend some time helping with an after school program at a community food centre and garden when I lived in the city...
I’m not even exaggerating here: they were actually fighting for the last piece! It was an amazing sight, all of these youths gladly adorning their salads with morsels of locally sourced, wheat germ-coated plant protein. Unreal! 

This recipe is the bomb.  I made these Dragon Bowls again when Erin and her kids dropped by and ended up staying for dinner, and they were ALL over the tofu.  Crispy, full of flavour and still soft inside!

crispy tofu

serves: 4-6
notes: You’ve got to press the tofu. Once all of the tofu-y water is out of it, the texture is so much more agreeable and pleasant. I used chickpea flour in the coating, but any type would work. Typically, I enjoy these with brown rice, steamed greens and some herbs or cut tomatoes or something. They’re delicious on salad or solo with a bit of hot sauce too.
1/2 cup tamari (Soy Sauce)
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (Rice Vinegar)
1/4 cup filtered water
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup nutritional yeast flakes (Did not use)
1/2 cup wheat germ
1/2 cup flour of your choice
2 tsp fine sea salt
1/2 tsp ground black pepper
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 (227g) package firm or extra-firm tofu
2 tbsp grape seed or other heat-tolerant oil (sunflower, canola etc)
Press the tofu: cut the slab into 1/2 inch thick pieces, crosswise (shorter pieces). Lay a kitchen towel across a cutting board and place the tofu pieces across the surface. Fold the towels over top, place a large book or another cutting board over towels. Place something heavy on top to draw out the moisture in the tofu. Leave this setup for about half an hour.
In the meantime, mix all of the marinade ingredients in one dish and all of the coating ingredients in another.
Remove tofu pieces from pressing setup, cut them in half and place in the dish with marinade mixture and cover. Leave this for at least 15 minutes. If marinating for longer than half an hour, place in the fridge.
Heat the oil in a large non-stick skillet over medium heat. Remove tofu pieces from marinade and toss in the coating mixture, shaking off excess. Place tofu pieces in the hot oil, being careful not to overcrowd the pan. Rotate the pan around to encourage even browning. Flip pieces with tongs (Or chopsticks!)  once browned on one side. When thoroughly browned on both sides, remove from pan onto a paper towel lined plate. Repeat with remaining pieces. Serve immediately.

There was enough leftover "flour" coating to make double the amount of tofu!

Halfway through my prep, I decided to Google miso gravy and see how complicated the recipes might be.  Some wonderful person actually managed to recreate a version based on having tried it at the Naam.  I didn't have all the ingredients but I figured having most of them, I would be ok.

2 Cups Water
1/2 Cup Nutritional Yeast
1/4 Cup Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp Sesame Oil
2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 
(Substituted Rice Vinegar)
2 Tbsp Unrefined Sweetener
(Used Cane Sugar)
2 Large Garlic Cloves, minced/pressed
1 Tbsp Grated Ginger
1/2 Cup Gluten Free Flour
4 Tbsp Miso Paste

1. Bring all ingredients EXCEPT MISO to a boil

2.  Remove from stove

3.  Add Miso and process in a food processor or blender

Makes approximately 2.5 cups!

Words cannot describe how much I love this meal.  It's deliciously filling, can use any variety of veggies, and makes your body feel SO good!  The miso gravy made two giant jam jars which can also be used for homemade fries or as a salad dressing.

ENJOY!  You'll feel so good!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Glimpses of Summer: Veggie Burgers at Centennial

Spring is getting back into her groove.  The days are slowly warming up and the sun has been hanging around longer and longer throughout the evening with each passing week.  Monday was a "busy" day.  we headed out to Vancouver to deliver product and visit with a client.  I was up early to get our usual morning routine out of the way before packing up and driving into Van.  by the time we crawled back in traffic and arrived back home, i was zonked.  it doesn't take that much these days...  it was a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL day.  the car was about 18 degrees and i wanted more.  i wanted to head straight to the beach but knew dinner needed to be done first.   that, and the only thing i was craving was a really fantastic veggie burger.  i found one via thefirstmess (the same amazing gal that created Warm Kale Salad with Quinoa and Balsamic Beets)

the recipe wasn't over my head, but i was half collapsed into a heap on the counter as i tried to decide whether i was physically capable of the challenge.  i've been up and down a couple of times this week and on top of running around and juggling projects, i was struggling to find any energy, never mind enough energy to bang out a new recipe with multiple steps in time to get to the beach before sunset.  with a few modifications, i pumped them out and they are a definite winner!  a definite addition to our box of favourites!  these vegetarian gluten-free babies actually LOOK like they are red meat at first glance but they are filled with power ingredients including quinoa, brown rice, walnuts, sunflower seeds, shredded carrots and beets, and spinach!  it is the beets that lend its rich regal colour to these patties!  

the patties were the hard part.  the rest was a breeze.  i packed the hot sauce and the rest of the fixings along with our chopping board and knife so we could rush out to the beach.


flip flops kicked off, chloe is in her zone

kevin and moses quickly gathered the makings for a bonfire

i'd be in a gutter if it wasn't for this amazing guy

his mini me is shaping up to be just as dependable and sweet

i got straight to work peeling and slicing the fixings

the recipe called for butter lettuce but there was none at the grocery store

Here is the original recipe.  My changes/modifications are noted throughout.
If you have a little extra time on the weekend, give these patties a try!

tempeh, brown rice + millet veggie burger recipe
special equipment:
 a food processor
serves: 6-8
notes: I leave a lot of room for mods here because I know everyone’s spice/ingredient needs are different. Also, I would highly recommend refrigerating the patties for at least an hour before cooking them to let them set up all proper. I haven’t tried grilling these, but I feel like that endeavour would be unsuccessful. Sauté all the way, guys. (If you try baking or grilling or some other method, let me know how it goes)
patty ingredients:
1/2 cup millet Used quinoa
1/2 cup brown basmati rice
1/2 cup nuts + seeds (I used walnuts + sunflower seeds)
1 clove of garlic, peeled
3/4 cup roughly chopped red onion
1/2 cup grated vegetables (I used carrots + golden beets)  As mentioned, used red beets
3/4 cup roughly chopped tempeh Did not include
1.5 tbsp tamari soy sauce
2 tbsp GF flour blend (or wholewheat, spelt etc)  Used Robin Hood's Gluten Free Flour
2 tsp organic, non-GMO corn starch OR arrowroot powder
2 tbsp nutritional yeast  Did not include
1.5 tbsp ground spices (I used za’atar, ancho chili powder + Old Bay seasoning) Used Smoked Paprika, Ground Coriander, Chili Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes
1/4 cup chopped herbs/greens (I used thyme + arugula) Used spinach and arugula from Spring Mix Salad
salt + pepper
1-2 tbsp water
Added 1 egg once everything was mixed and to my desired taste which is THE BEST thing about doing veggie burgers! 
assembly ingredients:grapeseed/coconut oil for sautéing  Olive Oil
1-2 heads of butter/bibb lettuce, washed and leaves separated  Green Lettuce
sliced ripe mango
red onion slivers
pea shoots/other sprouts
+ anything else you like!
Combine the millet and brown rice with 2 1/2 cups of water in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add a pinch of salt. Bring this mix to a boil and simmer until all of the water is absorbed  about 15 minutes. The grains will still be quite chewy. Scrape the cooked grains into a large bowl and allow them to cool a bit.
In a food processor, combine the nuts/seeds, garlic, chopped onion, grated vegetables and tempeh. Pulse the mixture a few times until a moist + chunky paste forms (doesn’t that sound great?!?). Scrape this mixture into the large bowl with the cooked millet and brown rice.
Add all of the remaining ingredients to the bowl except for the water. Stir everything together until thoroughly combined and the mix resembles a thick paste. It should hold together when you pinch it with your fingers. Add 1-2 tablespoons of water if necessary to bind it at this point and mix one more time.
Form the mixture into 6-8 patties with your hands. Place them on a parchment or foil lined baking sheet, cover them in plastic wrap and place them in the fridge for at least an hour. If you want to freeze these babies, place the covered tray in the freezer for an hour or two to firm the patties up. Then individually wrap them/place all of the patties in a large zippy bag for maximum storage capacity.
To cook: Heat a large sauté pan over medium heat. Cover the bottom with grapeseed/other neutral oil (like a 1/4-1/3 inch? you could also spray the pan with oil if you have a misto thing). Gently transfer 2-3 patties to the pan and sauté until golden on the bottom, about 3-4 minutes. Flip the patties over and cook until golden on the other side, another 3 minutes. I kind of nudged the patties up against the sides of the pan to brown them all over as well. Repeat with remaining patties, while you keep the cooked ones warm.
Serve the hot veggie patties with lettuce wraps, toppings etc.

Call Me Mellow Yellow

i was born in the wrong decade.

gearing up for MADMEN'S Final Season starting this sunday, Songza had a few Madmen inspired playlists on the concierge.  I went with Sally's Secret Dorm Party because it's really just who i am: Sally may be sneaking cigarettes, booze, and boys into her dorm room, but her heart still belongs to the sweet and innocent hits of Top 40 AM radio.

i love Fridays.  they are almost like a free day after the long awaited action packed Thursday Socials.  yesterday was Khara's turn to host the communal brekkie: scrambled eggs, Em's gluten free pancakes recipe, and fruit.  we headed to Lions Park with cheese quesadillas and a large fruit and veggie platter.  it's my week again coming up!

Fridays are a coin toss.  we either make an adventure out of the day or just stick around town and keep things mellow.  the morning started with a mix of scrambled eggs, quinoa and sautéed mushrooms followed by opening an Easter package from my sister.  these kids be spoiled.

we biked into town to return library books and pick up a few more before heading to Winskill Park.  the books were heavy and after an hour of hauling my backpack of books and camera while cheerleading the little bikers, i convinced myself that i deserved a chai latté.

Dear Kindergarten

Please be kind to my little guy

Worried as Hell

Why so serious?

i have Em to thank for helping me prep food for outings.  it's stressful enough to get everyone fed and and out the door within a timely manner, but often, by the time we are ready, lunchtime is just an hour away!  being the thrifty Asian i am in conjunction with a fully stocked fridge, i consider it a waste to eat on the run.  i have a mini chopping board and mini knife (with a protective sheath!) that i bring so that i can slice and chop veggies and fruits at our final destination while they play, which shaves a good 15 minutes of frustration at home.  this allows me to not stress about what/when they will eat on our outing, it gets me out of the house faster, and i also get to enjoy some peace and quiet while they run around at the park.

i renewed Eat Pray Love as I have only made it up to section 2 of 3 where she leaves Italy for India.  the kids snacked and ran around while i finished up my latte, fingered the leftover bowl of DIY maple-cinnamon almond butter and read my book.  yes, as a matter of fact, i did say DIY maple-cinnamon almond butter!  mix cinnamon and a drop of maple syrup into your almond butter to jazz it up, but be careful because it is HIGHLY addictive.  tastes fantastic with ambrosia apples.  do it.

having only renewed the heaviest books and feeling my neck tire from the camera around my neck, i was grateful once again that our journey home is downhill.  it's the one thing that makes a big difference once the kids are tired from biking up and playing at the park and my patience is creeping up on EMPTY.  we had left home around 11 and didn't get back home til 2:30pm, so we were all tired as hell.

I set up my altar, had a mini toke and found Sally's Secret Dorm Party on Songza

have yet to love my little incense cabin less than the first day i laid eyes on it

my love for old music goes back to the days of 650 CISL.  it was my mom's go-to station and over the last 25 or so years of my life, i know my oldies like the back of my hand.  my dad was more of a Rock 101 guy, but he also enjoyed dancing and singing to his share of Rolling Stones.  the Oldies will always connect me to my parents.  kevin's family is big into the oldies as well, so kevin shares the same appreciation.  we were both definitely born in the wrong era, hence all the mid-century furniture we've bought or found on craigslist, at thrift shops or on Spring Cleaning weekend and kevin's collection of vintage cars.  omg i can't wait for MadMen!!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

a million dollars

...is what i feel like right now.  not that i feel like i would like a million dollars (though i would gladly accept it from anyone who was offering such a lovely sum of cashola), but i feel SO GOOD, right now, in this moment.

i have a halo of clarity and my body feels brand new.  i just had my first yoga class after the two week Spring Break and the third week which i missed, and it was exactly what i needed.  i don't know if Jen was trying to accommodate this morning's Facebook status: Today is a fight, please send good energy, or if it was just a coincidence, but i am a 180 of the person i was this morning.

it's clear that being aware of my mental state is no longer enough.  it definitely helps to recognize it, but on mornings like today or evenings like sunday, it's clear that more is required.  anxiety is also becoming a more prominent figure in my life which often sets off the depression, and fighting off both is nothing short of completely exhausting.  i've been suffering from the bad headaches at night and in the mornings, and this morning's was a real rocker.  it's like in cartoons when someone gets trapped inside a giant bell and the little guy comes around an beats the bell with an enormous bat.  the pressure was especially intense and my body was aching all over.

it took me about 3 hours of being gentle to myself and being laissez-faire with my parenting (despite the kids sneaking around and lying to my face and not admitting what they did…) to get out of the hole.  i am thankful in a lot of ways that school is in the afternoon so that my morning is flexible when i wake up in this condition.

good things are happening.  i know Eat Pray Love is a few years old, i never watched the movie but i happened to pick it up the book at the library last week.  i don't know if you have read it, but it's been alarmingly wonderful to connect with the main character.

I took on my depression like it was the fight of my life, which, of course, it was.  I became a student of my own depressed experience, trying to unthread its causes.  What was the root of all this despair?  Was it psychological? (Mom and Dad's fault?)  Was it it just temporal, a "bad time" in my life? (When my divorce ends, will the depression end with it?)  Was it genetic? (Melancholy, called by many names, has run through my family for generations, along with its sad bride, Alcoholism.)  Was it cultural? (Is this just the fallout of a postfeminist American career girl trying to find balance in an increasingly stressful and alienating urban world?)  Was is astrological?  (Am I so sad because I'm a thin-skinned Cancer whose major signs are all ruled by unstable Gemini?)  Was it artistic?  (Don't creative people always suffer from depression because we're so supersensitive and special?)  Was it evolutionary?  (Do I carry in me the residual panic that comes after millennia of my species' attempting to survive a brutal world?)  Was it karmic? (Are all these spasms of grief just the consequences of bad behaviour in previous lifetimes, the last obstacles before liberation?)  Was it hormonal?  Dietary?  Philosophical?  Seasonal?  Environmental?  Was I tapping into a universal yearning for God?  Did I have a chemical imbalance?  Or did I just need to get laid? -page 49

i need to admit that when i got to the astrological consideration, i stopped and yelled "SHE'S A CANCER!!!  I KNEW IT!!!  I KNEW IT!!!!!" in the middle of my bed.  from the very beginning, her crazy ass ramblings were like home to me.  (yes, i'm clearly very much into astrology…)

i had no idea what this book/story/movie was about when i picked it up, but i'm really connecting as someone who feels in limbo and is overwhelmed by the purpose and meaning of her life.  also, after that big long rant of trying to figure out the root of her despair, she ends on a funny note.  SO ME.  ask my husband…  he'll tell you how funny i (think i) am…

she writes about her fight with her medication, how she knows it helps but wants to be rid of them.  my next step is to try a few options because i don't know how long this is going to last and come September, i am going to be ROCKED by the early morning rush of getting Moses to school on time 5 days in a row.  it's going to be a nightmare for me even if i am in good shape.

in addition to trying out herbal and prescribed medications, i will be continuing my path of eating cleaner.  we are what we eat.  i've done a damn good job with my nutrition and my cooking in the last 3 years now and i'm taking things to a new level by cutting out a lot more meat (and cheese) than usual.  i'm impressed at my commitment to finding vegetarian/vegan recipes because its an entirely different way of cooking.

i'll do a few separate blogs on some of these, but i'd love to let you preview the latest and greatest.

remember the 20 Minutes One Pan Pasta fail?  
i had a rematch and it was a FANTASTIC base to work from.
(yes those white flakes are cheese)

this is new baby 1 of 2 to be posted 

breakfast made from the previous day's dinner

on the left we have new baby 2 of 2 that i can't wait to post

on the right we have one of my recent favourite snacks: cucumber and mango salsa with lime juice that can be scooped up with tortilla chips/rice crackers or with a giant spoon on the couch.  shallots and cilantro if you're into it work wonders as well.

i've been focussing on food a lot more than usual.  i love food.  it is probably the greatest contributor to my happiness in life and while i am struggling with my well-being, it's a great place to focus my energy.  i love eating.  i love trying new things.  and with some great basic cooking skills under my belt, i am truly enjoying the challenge of trying new things.  i'm feeling good on a health level and a competence level.  i feel like i am achieving goals, tasty healthy goals.  the time and effort i have put into learning to cook is really paying off.  i feel happy eating things that don't make me feel gross and guilty and when i do go out and indulge on occasion, it's not a big deal.  (i totally ate a bunch of cheese on my Ladies Night on Saturday and again during Sunday's baby shower.)  we have regular and soy cheese in the fridge right now.  i think kevin will be able to live with less meat, but definitely not cheese.  i'm probably in the same boat.

yoga was fantastic and i am really happy and proud that i made the commitment.  it's only once a week but it's a great start for me.  baby steps.  shavasana ended with John Lennon's Imagine which is one of my all time favourite songs and in my final state of relaxation all i wanted to do in that moment was to have the sheet music and play it myself on the piano.  i really really want to play more piano.  so therapeutic.

had my beautiful friend over today to choose her favourites from her boudoir session and i am really enjoying editing her choices.  

dinner in Burnaby at Sally's tomorrow night followed by a VIP date night with Caela Thursday evening at the new Gesamtkunstwerk Exhibition!

i'm feeling great… right now. 

channeling good energy.
thank you to everyone who sent all that amazing energy this way today


got hit with another blow soon after this post around 1:30am.
slept in chloe's bed.  feeling my body heal from yoga.  thankful for the sunshine.
we are doing good today.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


lots of work paired with too much play is wreaking havoc on me.
hoping my mom can be with the kids for at least a couple of hours tomorrow so i can work.

heading out to The Reef for yoga teacher and mom friend Jenn's birthday before she moves to TO.

saturday is dance class followed by 3 year old birthday party in Chilliwack followed by GIRLS NIGHT in Ladner.

sunday is a kids' birthday party as well as baby shower.


Spring Break Week 3

Spring Break was fantastic.  i love not having a schedule to adhere to and i took great advantage of it knowing that come September, my life is going to be marching to the beat of Kindergarten.  i truly don't mind having the kids at home.  honestly, i thought that having 2.5 hours to myself twice a week while they are in preschool was going to be a godsend but it actually is a damning-into-hell.  so thank god i can only afford twice a week for both of them right now.  i hate having to prep snacks and now i am going to have to prep snack AND lunch forever and ever and ever.  the school years are a lot of years of one's life.

i missed yoga.  i was stoked to have two week's off.  only because i am perpetually stressed about my poor time management skills.  my body, on the other hand, has been twisted and unhappy without its weekly release and low-impact challenges.  two days in a row of guests.  saved a fellow mom yesterday from losing her mind.  Katherine escaped her boons to enjoy an hour of sunshine with us at Centennial followed by warm cozy shepherd's pie (probably the last one until next Fall) and her first Four Winds beer.  today was a high school buddies day.  Sally is visiting from Toronto.  She and Ainge arrived at noon, came with me to drop the kids off at school, we hustled over to the Four Winds Brewery in Tilbury, bought beers, went grocery shopping, and managed to get home for a quick lunch before picking up the kids and going to the beach.

it was chillier today than with Katherine yesterday.  we came home and Sally peaced out just before Natalie arrived after work for the Halibut Taco Dinner.

note:  i have a lot of friends that love beer, hence the enthusiasm with the Four Winds.  i don't enjoy it quite as much due to my poor Asian tolerance of beer + wine, but i am insanely obsessed with the artist Andy Dixon who did all the design/packaging AND who is currently doing really well with his crazy paintings that i wish i could afford.

the girls were stoked to taste all the different beers before buying their favourites.  my fave is the IPA which, no surprise, is the sweeter of the bunch.  i could definitely be down with the occasional beer.

i had a major downer Sunday evening.  it began in the afternoon and slowly progressed until i was having a mega anxiety attack around 11:30pm.  i was so afraid to wake up the next morning but super happy and relieved that i had plans to visit Renée and Myla.

it was a beautiful day

this girl is going to be one badass queen of cool

decked out in DIY studded GAP vest and hanky-bib sewn by her styling Mama

unbearably cute with her Daddy's giant brown lusciously lashed peepers

the early days are hard.  and then you forget them entirely.  you look back on these days and can hardly recognize the walking talking sassing tiny people they turn into. 

that was wonderful.  with all the uncertainty that has been plaguing me these days, i was happy to have social activities to keep my mind and body busy.  in addition to keeping good company this week, i also received a bunch of last minute business.  i did my first boudoir shoot on Tuesday which i'm very happy with, i had a second gig this morning taking photos of a home for our realtor (and a third one to follow…), a consultation for portraits tomorrow with an amazing Freshman with whom i worked at Thrifty's followed by an appointment with a fellow working Mom whom I met at Project Bloom to help revamp her website.  And of course there are 3 logo designs that i have been juggling the past couple of weeks.

it feels good to be busy.  after two guest dinners, i'm looking forward to Thursday breakfast over at Em's place.  my first hosting of the Thursday Breakfasts went great!  i managed to push out 12 poached eggs for the 3 mamas and 6 kids.  kids had a good time making booby-traps.

another dog's dinner post.  life is good.  progress progress progress.  i really need to take more control of my diet and exercise, especially if i'm going to be wearing a bathing suit in May but there are a lot of parties coming up and it is really a challenge to not give in.  SELF CONTROL.