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Spring Break: Lighthouse Park

man, i just can't keep up with this blog!  i managed to get these photos edited early last week, just after Spring Break and then it got shoved to the back burner again.

so Spring Break was a write-off.
i ended up offering Art Club again which was a tremendous success but definitely at the cost of my sanity.  i don't regret it.  not for a second.  go check it out on my website HERE it was high stress and a lot of pre-planning and prep and organization for someone who already has loose screws, is a perfectionist, has 3 kids in a tiny home that needs to be EXTRA maintained, has a bunch of painting still waiting and 3 photoshoots to edit and deliver.  it certainly did take its toll on me but as usual, i was lucky enough to have had some of my favourite people come to the rescue and assist me for 3 of the 9 classes.  Taryn came the first day which was super trippy because she was the one with whom i hosted Toddler Art Classes back when the kids were 20 months and 4 months.  She …

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