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Halloween 2017

Halloween.  It's that time of year again, the time that I love and hate in equal amounts.  I hate it because of the amount of effort that gets sucked out of me in order to produce the level of awesome that I so very much enjoy.  This year was pretty low-key and with the kids in school, I am not looking for things to do with young ones anymore.  We typically go to the mall but this year I chose to chill out at home instead of trying to find parking and sweating my balls off chasing 3 kids who definitely will not need the extra pre-trick-or-treating treats.

Chloe was Mavis from Hotel Transylvania aka a Teen Goth.  Moses wanted to be a classic sheet ghost, but since the school asks for NO MASKS or costumes that will hinder movement or be a pain in the butt in the washroom, we would have to save the ghost for Halloween night.  I did my best to offer him suggestions using things we already had at home and he was grumpily opposed to everything.  So I told him, whatever, you are g…

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