late night/early morningkev

i know we are lucky. from all the horror stories of babies sleeping 45mins at a time through the night, i know we are lucky. for the most part, Moses wakes up once per night. i truly just wish that he would be more consistent. for a good while back at Hudson Street he would sleep from 1030-11pm until 7am and i would get up with the summer sun and Kev who would be getting ready for work.
since we've moved to Rawlins @ Kev's parents, Moses went through a whole bunch of crazy sleep patterns before settling with a 3-4am wake up and waking up again at 7am. it got even better where he would sleep until 9-930am after the 3-4am shift. for the past week, we've enforced more of a schedule on him to let him know "hey buddy it's time for bed!" by having nightly bathtime at 9pm (many of the books/websites recommend bathing every 1-2 nights).

the past few nights he has been waking up later than the usual 3-4am... as a result i have been awake today since about 522am after having a horrible ti
me trying to get to sleep followed by more insane dreams. the crazy dreams have not let up since early pregnancy. tonight it was my sister getting married very suddenly to a stranger followed by exhaustion on my part from so much wedding planning where i found myself at this very computer checking my facebook. all the posts were videos or quizzes about Zack Morris, getting younger and younger until the posts turned into contracts between him and his nemesis and how they were no longer enemies bc Zack deci
ded to go to college and learn instead of fight against evil. wtf!

anyway. i guess i'm going to go back to sleep... it's Monday. another long week ahead of us. i'm so thankful for the long summer we had and so thankful that I had Moses during the long bright days instead of these shortening dark fall/winter days. sigh. kev's alarms will be starting in 10 minutes.

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