Thanksgiving Weekend

Last Thanksgiving we took a trip down south to Portland with Karl and JP. On our way back we decided to break the news to Kev's parents. This weekend, Moses is now 4.5 months.

Moses has sadly come down with his first cold, his little coughs give me the sad face. The great things about babies is that they seem unphased by their sneezes, occasional bumps to the head, and as it is even coughs and congestion. He is still smiling, laughing, and playing in his mat and exersaucer.

New developments this week include continued efforts to hold his bottle in addition to his increased ability to focus and grasp objects. He is drawn to bright colours and enjoys a range of fabrics, all which usually end upin his mouth. We have also been working with him to sit on his own which is going very well. He is fasting outgrowing his Bumbo and dislikes being stuck in restricted furniture (especially the carseat).As long as we havehis legs positioned correctly and his arms supporting him, he is able to sit for as long as 1 minute!

Tonight we have been invited over to the lovely Bronwe Marsden's
new house for a vegan Thanksgiving with friends!!! Looking forward
to hosting Thanksgiving in our new place next year :)


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