Christmas is Coming

WOW november went by fast!!! I can't even begin to try and remember everything that has happened. We just arrived midnight last night from our trip to L.A., just M and I. Thankfully he was impressively behaved on the plane. He was wellbehaved but slept little on the way there, on the way back he was much more cranky but slept most of the way.

Our trip was very laid back, mostly went out to eat.

*Friday we had breakfast at home, waffles and vegan bacon. We skipped the big mall Black Friday sales and chose to hang out on Robertson Blvd in B Hills. Bought two pairs of jeans! Hurrah! For dinner we went to KATSUYA (the "family" one as opposed to
the usual downtown location) and had finally satisfied my craving for the crispy rice tuna tartare. This location is frequented by rich families that can't cook, the parents dress all hotsy-totsy and drag their 2-4 children for a fancy pants dinner without the scantily-clad bitches.

*Saturday we had breakfast at The Harvest, Goldie Hawn was there and waved at Moses. My mom would have died, she LOVES her. Cosette came to visit for the afternoon. We just hung out at my sister's and played with Moses and went for a walk. There is a house that has these two long hedges from the sidewalk to the door and basically they have
been trimmed to look like two huge winding cocks. I wish I had taken a photo. For dinner we went to BESO and I had the to-die-for plantain tacos and the churros with caramel and cream dip. Mmmmmmmm. We had to go super early before the crowd bc of Moses cramping our stylez. I love you Momo.

Progress is fast and slow and constant. He is able to grab the bottle and piledrive it into his face, he can occasionally retrieve it if he has thrown it down close enough to his body. He is slowly learning that tipping it up gives him more milk.

He hates tummy time and more or less rolls over shortly after being plante
d on his chest. I am more concerned about his back to front rolls. I KNOW HE CAN DO THEM! HE IS JUST LAZY and HATES being on his tummy. That said, Sunday afternoon before we left for the airport he was rolling back to front and front to back over and over! HAPPY MOM!!!

He has an absolutely ear-piercing shriek that he does whether he is happy, angry, or just plain bored. It seriously feels like my eyes and ears are bleeding when he does i
t. No consonant sounds yet, but he is still doing his "aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa" sounds.

This month has also been very good in terms of the dreaded carseat. He will freak out with the tummy push and cry as I am fastening him in, but once the car gets going, he has begun to just chill out... thank GOD!

We went for his 6 month check up on Wednesday (what an awful rainy afternoon!). We were 30 min late but still had to wait another 30 min before seeing the doctor. He was so preciously well-behaved, happy and friendly with the new doctor (my doctor was p
regnant and due at the end of November!). He is in the 90th percentile for his height, and around the 75th percentile for his weight. He is growing consistently which is wonderful :)

Following the doc appt we headed downtown to pick up his passport at Sinclair Centre and bought a gift down at Waterfront Mall for LEILA! Leila is our new friend! I met Leila's momma Saara at Thrifty's the previous week, went over for a playdate on Monday and celebrated Leila's 1st birthday Wednesday evening. I can't say how elated I am to have found a
fellow mom out here in Tsawwassen, and she is 1.5 apartment buildings away, basically a skip hop away!

In house news, the painting is all done thanks to Bronwen and Renee and Kev's dad for helping. We just purchased a set of 6 teak chairs for $200 and another matching 4 chairs + table for another $200! Fullhouse sells these for about 10 times more which is great for if we decide we don't want them, we can consign them! Right now we have to reupholster them, we are currently waiting for the fabric to arrive at Fabricana: WHITE OSTRICH!!!!! here is what ostrich looks like btw

and these are style of chairs!


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