So we have yet to move into Heron Cove. Last week we managed to move all the kitchen and bathroom boxes in, steamclean the carpeted areas, and TSP the walls in preparation for painting. It has taken us a week to finally agree on paint colours but thank god we did, I was almost afraid that it would be choosing a name for Moses all over again :P

These are the colours!

Light opal for the main dining/living room (kitchen)
Green Grape for the washrooms and Moses' room
Aqua tint for the two bedrooms
Buying the paint first thing and having Renee and Bronwen help out! If we are lucky we will be able to finish by tomorrow and be able to slowly move in throughout the week. Kevin's birthday is next thursday and will be taking wed-fri off.

Visited Jade and Soleil last week and were lucky enough to have Robert get off work early to join us. I haven't seen Rob since highschool, it was the best feeling to see and hug him again after so many years having been such good friends back in elementary school. It's so funny because Soleil looks like Rob and Moses looks like me hee hee hee!

Moses is progressing. The progress is slow but day by day he gets better and better. He's been rolling more often, mostly front to back and occasionally back to front. The massive weight of his cloth diapers adds to his booty weight which probably makes it even more difficult for him to roll.
He is getting better at holding his bottle as he is constantly grabbing everything in sight and pulling it to his mouth. If i place it just right in his hands he can hold it and feed himself temporarily.

The one thing that drives me insane is how he hates to be alone and everytime he sees me leave the room from his Exersaucer, (or even ANtICIPATES that i am about to leave the room) he starts panicking like crazy and crying for me, making it extremely difficult for me to do anything. However, it seems that with his newfound talent for holding and grabbing, he is enjoying his playmat much more and has become a better distraction than the previously leading Exersaucer. Unfortunately, this means he is spending more time on his back and further flattening his head. WAH WAH.


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