New Year's Eve Eve

Holy Christmas Batman!
That was a rough holiday. So much staying up late and stress and lack of sleep. Moses didn't sleep until about midnight on Christmas Eve bc my Lola's house was sooooo noisy with all my relatives. Moses was super overtired and overstimulated, poor little guy. He definitely got spoiled rotten, by all families. Toys and clothes and toys and clothes: a Mike Wazowsky, some Leapfrog toys including a rideable firetruck, some rad patent black boots and DC sneakers, super cute outfits from H&M, soft blocks, squishy bathtoys, too much stuff really.

So up until last Saturday (boxing day...) Moses could only do the closed fist to open handed clap. Since then he has figured out how to "clap" clap! His increased ability to sit up on his own has seemingly given him a strong enough feeling of confidence that allows him to play on his own and depend less on my presence. THANK GOD.

"Crawling" is getting better. He is not yet crawling but he is an expert dragger. Kevin got a remote control car for Christmas and Moses goes nuts over it, dragging himself from one end of our bedroom to the other. The only other thing he will exert as much effort for is my cell phone. I'm so excited. Scared and excited... Now he will do roll/drag combos and it is so fun to watch, I can't believe that the olden days of dreaded tummy time at 2-3 months are over and now replaced with so much mobility.

We had a Holiday Housewarming on Sunday which was awesome. All our friends from out of the province came for Christmas and all made it out to Tsawwassen. Kevin cooked up a storm and a good time was had by all. I wish I had had more time to come up with games but all in all it went pretty well. Even Moses got two naps!

so now it is NYE Eve and i'm so sad that I can't make it out to ice cream social at the biltmore. uugggghhh i LOVE icecream social...


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