why am i still awaaaake!!!!!!

i wish that i spent more time blogging about moses, the time goes TOO FAST!!!! so much action happening with christmas in less than a week!

we've been spending lots of time with Saara and Leila. i can't stress enough how happy i am that i have made a mommy friend and one that is so close by! i am especially thankful because last week was a turrrrible week. it began thursday/friday and i hit the PPD wall...HARD! i thought after all these months that i must have been one of the lucky ones who bypassed post-partum. sure i had the blues up and down but for the most part i have been great. it was scary to feel depressed and know that moses depended on me. i could just lay in bed and not care about anything, my eyes stinging and puffed from the previous night of crying. but after a few talks/arguments with Saara and Kevin, we worked some things out and i am already feeling so much better. whether or not i feel the need to take some time off, i am making myself take at least an hour everyday just to focus on myself. so far so good :)


yesterday evening before Lindsay's Christmas party, we were hanging out in our bedroom. it was just earlier this week (monday or tues?) at Saara's when Saara told me Moses would probably start crawling later in the week. i've been trying to be more vigilant in spending time practicing and encouraging crawling and FINALLY i got a tiny milestone out of him! Moses HALF-TUCKED his right leg beneath him and propelled himself forward!!!!!!!!!!! of course i started freaking out which just freaked him right out in return LOL. that's all i got out of him for the evening, i was SO shocked i thought i was imagining things hahahaha


Solids update: i'm slagging! we've only moved up to mashed up banana with his milk and rice cereal. he's doing well and seems to enjoy both the flavours, textures but probably most of all the fact that he's a BIG BOY now :) AHHH!!! he's soooooo adorable. at least if i fail to blog, i've been very good with his facebook account. and isn't a picture worth a thousand words?

No progress with the consonants. BUT he has developed his "bratty" cry and basically he has incorporated this dramatic razzzing pout into his faux wails when he is upset. and i can't tell you how irritated i am by his insane need for me to be holding him or within 2 inches of him. anything beyond that, even just standing up when he is in his exersaucer makes him scream like a banshee. thankfully, Saara told me that usually means they are going to crawl soon... whether that's just an age thing or an actual connection WHO KNOWS.

SO. the next two weeks are going to be a blur.
Ainge is here. My sister is in tomorrow. Rosemary is here on Tuesday, Jessica on Thursday and then CHRISTMAS 3X and then we are hosting a little get together for all our friends from out of town.

omg i am going to die


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