8 months

Happy 8 months Moses!!!!

The M.O. is a babbling. A Babylon. A baby lion. LOL.
Lots of ma-ba combos coming as we speak. He is bouncing around in his Jolly Jumper with only one sock. This is not out of the ordinary as he always somehow manages to lose at least one :P Often enough that I have started to call him One Foot interchangeably with One Tooth.

It's been the most beautiful January. It's a really nice and mild day, the sun is still out, the days are slowly slowly getting a little longer. We are going to go for a little walk before dinner, just the Mo and I. Kevin is over at his parents doing some work on cars/pinstriping/assembling our custom cutlery organizer (he was too cheap to buy the one from IKEA...)

Today was INDIE I DO second year. I went over to Heritage Hall to do the background for Lotus Event's table, it was 2 4x8 Foot chalkboards. Basically I had to fill it with wedding planning skethces with their logo. It turned out pretty good. We met up with Katherine and her friend Amanda at Noon today to check out the vendors and then hung out at JJ Bean to do some wedding invitation planning.

Life is getting exciting with Moses. He is growing so fast. Somewhere in there, the time passed by super fast and I don't know how we got from 5 months to 8 months. He'll be 10 in two months and 1 year old in another two! And god knows that time is going to FLLLLLYYYYY.

I'm currently very worried about the work situation and what I am going to be doing... Seeing Saara with Leila (1 year) I don't think I can leave Moses. Maybe for two days a week but I couldn't miss out on his life, there is so much more development ahead of him! I'm trying to get all my PAUHAUS stuff together ASAP to try to sell more of my products and hopefully bring in more cash on top of freelancing. I was lucky to have had a few commissions from friends over the holidays, and Moses from Gastown Sprints his giving me monthly handbills. SIGH. Hard work but it will be so worth it in the end if I can be self reliant financially.

January is finally almost over. Thank god.


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