A few minutes

So i am a little frustrated. i feel like our place is not conducive to Moses' progress. last week at kev's parents he almost fully pulled himself up using their ottoman - before toppling over of course - and today when I left him with Saara while driving kev to work, she said he was doing the same thing with her ottoman.


we need to buy a large area rug and an ottoman.
no more "ba ba ba"s today, making me feel like i must have been hallucinating yesterday :(
everyone else's babies are doing so well. my excuse is that its because all the other babies i know are females and apparently boys are a little slower at reaching their milestones. the only thing Moses has on other babies is that he is a Hulkamaniac which just makes my arms ache.

tonight we went to the Chocoholic Buffet at the Sutton Place Hotel downtown for Kyme and Niklas' engagement party. the chocolate was delicious but toooo much richness, we got home around 9pm and i had a boiled egg with toast to make up for the chocolate dinner. Moses was very well behaved and friendly with the other guests.

there were no change tables in the bathrooms so we changed him in an empty room on a huge banquet table beneath a massive chandelier LOL

I'm pretty sure his favourite food right now is pears.


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