Solids 4 Reelze!

ok so the duck lips seem to have suggested that Moses is tiring of pureed foods and would prefer some actual food that requires BITING and CHEWING. since the duck lips, we have given him carrots, green beens, and organic brown rice puffs. this morning, i checked through my "INTRODUCING SOLID FOODS" lists for 8-10 months which included multigrain toast. well, i didn't toast it, but i broke it into small chunks and dispersed them on the table to their doom. most landed on the floor but he managed to grip well enough to feed himself!!! Another proud mama moment.
This afternoon we took a trip to IKEA to find a rug for the living room, hoping to encourage more crawling and less dragging along the smooth laminate. The initial Andy Warhol carpet looked like crap in person and I had no more time to waste, so IKEA it is. Here are the boys lounging about sharing toys :)

Ho hum, another weekend gone by and another long January week.
It's almost Valentine's Day! It's a toss up btwn dinner at Coast on Alberni or Market at Shangri-La... yay! Moses' first Valentine's Day!!


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