Tra la lally

Yesterday we tried our first protein! I threw a slice of turkey into the blender which turned it into itty bitty pieces, mixed it in with some of his oatmeal and he seemed to really like it.

As for the blueberry-tofu this afternoon, Moses let me know time and time again with this precious face that no spoon was getting passed his massive lips LOL

Today was a good day. Yesterday was not so good. I ended up taking the evening off with Saara and introduced her to The Reef. We had the Johnny Cakes of course which were as incredible as ever. It never occurred to me to ever request more bc they were so delicious and free that I could not imagine them giving them away, but to my surprise when Saara asked for more the waiter was more than happy to throw down another bucket! We shared the tacos and quesadilla with a mojito, deeeeelish

Moses did not sleep well AT ALL. He woke up at 1am and Kev and I took 20 min intervals until 3am trying to put him back down. O.M.G that was horrible. Thankfully I was able to put him back down when he woke at 8am. He slept until almost 10am AND he took a sweeeet 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

I love my Mosie


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