twenty ten here we go!

(hurrah! first tooth!)

Happy New Year!!!!

we had a very chilled out NYE in the evening, just the three of us. Kevie cooked my favourite - coriander salty fish with banana-black beans rice and a tall glass of limed san pellegrino. we were supposed to have driven out to Langley or White Rock to have dinner with Katherine and Jessica but the plans were all over the place and it put me into a state of bad panic. i felt bad, but for whatever reason i always get sucked into the hype of NYE and totally freak out.... i freaked out for about 3 hours straight until we decided to just stay home. it was only until 1030pm or so when i decided to go out and do some partying with friends. i had a really good time with some really great people :)

Little Moses has been having interesting BM's due to his Intro to Solids. He has tried avocado, pear and apple... god i hope i didn't already post that bc i'll feel stupid. we also tried peas but they were a little hard for him to swallow bc no matter how much i mashed them the skins refused to break down.

Crawling is just around the corner. I swear if only we had carpet in the living room to give him more practice... Our bedrooms have carpet but there is always stuff everywhere and not enough open space without getting into trouble. He is dragging himself after Kev's remote control car all over place but it is a little more difficult for him to practice getting his legs under him with the slipperyness of the smooth laminate floors. We dropped him off for a few hours tonight at Kev's parents and he was totally tucking his delicious thunder thighs under him no problem. UGH! SO PROUD!

FIRST WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MOSES MADE HIS FIRST WORD TODAY!!!!!! I was just leaving Ladner for Vancouver to meet up with Renee for lunch/walk and Moses is doing his usual "aaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaa"s in the back when suddenly he went "ba-ba-ba". I immediately called Kevin freaking out :)



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