9 months

we had Moses' 9 month dr appt this week, NO SHOTS!!! he is doing very well.
22lbs and in the 95 percentile for his height still!
Feet! 3, 6 and 9 months

oh alright and the tummy ones for good measure hahaha

i can't believe it. 9 months in and 9 months out.
time has gone so fast in slow motion.

i am dreading the work situation that is coming up way too quick, i'm supposed to meet up with my bosses next wednesday to figure stuff out. i just don't see reception as being a two person job, but they are clearly trying to accommodate me so that i can work part time... i feel like it is going to cause more trouble and so i am hoping that maybe there is an alternative position for me. if not, i guess i am going to find another job maybe here in town or out in richmond. then at least on fridays i can drop moses off at my mom's??? sigh i don't know... i am going to have to work evenings and weekends which basically means i will never get to see my husband ever again.

this is very emotional

i'll leave you with moses' new move as well as a pooing clip


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