so we're doing the "cry it out" method. we're so stupid i don't know why we didn't do this earlier when he was 6 months, i'm so angry at myself.

we tried it last night. he slept through the night and woke up at 5-6am at which point he cried for about 5 minutes. i was about to get up at the 5 minute mark and it was too late... we are stupid stupid stupid parents: he climbed and fell out of his crib. he was totally fine but obvs i wanted to kill myself. (10 minute check up... he's screaming his head off) this is brutal listening to him scream like this. his head is so weaty and he is so irrate.

yesterday we went over to visit Soleil for a baby date. i am so amazed at how mobile she is! she is about 1.5 months younger than Moses and she is doing all the same crawls/pulling up/sitting! she is so adorable and tiny and loveable :) Jade was kind enough to give Mosie a little hair trim! we managed to distract him with some Num-Num crackers while Kevin held him (his legs are too big for the Bumbo lol)

afterwards, we headed off to my Dad's side of the family for Chinese New Year (Eve) Dinner. we
were so excited because we had gone to Chinatown and bought him this BOMB little Emperor style outfit to wear and we couldn't wait for my Grandpa's reaction. everyone loved it of course. my mom loved it the most i think. dinner was delicious and we also had a cake to celebrate my aunt's birthday. it was nice just hanging out watching the Olympics together.

today we headed out to Vancouver for a late lunch at Market, Shangri-La. we bought Thomas Haas at the Urban Fare while we waited to be seated. Moses looked so cute sitting at the table all fancy. my sashimi was dddddddddelicious but the pizza and dessert were a bit of a letdown... oh well. we ordered Truffled Mashed Potatoes for Moses hahahahahahaha, what a spoiled little butt he is! (YAY!!!!!! MOSES FELL ASLEEP!!!! that wasn't too bad, approx 30 minutes) the waiter came with a tiny tiny silver spoon and an even TINIER! silver little spoon so we could feed him.

we took some nice photos outside the restaurant and at the Olympic Torch. downtown was ccrraaazzzyyyyyyy!!!!! sooo busy!!! swarms and swarms of people filling and streets, it was an amazing and surreal feeling. i'm not into all the propoganda and money spending and politics, but i do really love all the tourists taking in our beautiful city and i'm really proud of our athletes. it is amazing to see people so excited and supportive.

surprisingly there is little traffic for all the cars...

hopefully Moses sleeps through the night... sigh. this is so hard. :(


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