Moses is OFFICIALLY crawling as of today. Yes, he's been practicing getting on all fours, and making maybe 1-2 knee shuffles forward before dropping his bum again, but he actually began crawling 5-6 moves in a row a number of times today. He's addicted to pulling himself up to stand. He's been doing it all week and must have had a great time tonight bc there were so many more pieces of furniture at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight to conquer.

I can't believe how big he is getting. This is my favourite time right now. His independence allows me to get much more done around the house which in turn makes me so so so happy to run back and cuddle him like crazy. I've upped the reading with him and it seems to have had a positive effect on him bc he will grab the books and attempt to flip through them on his own will.

The one thing that has started to puzzle me a little is that he went through his ma-ma-ma and ba-ba-ba stage, but it has stopped. It's as if he did it just to meet the milestone and say "yeah i can make the M and B souinds" and then stop. Right now he is doing "pa" sounds but he only does it very quietly, like a whisper! It is very peculiar but very cute. I wonder why he just went through phases and stopped... I hope it is not cause for concern.

There was this fantastic recipe book at Toy'R'Us. I wish i had just bought it when i saw it bc it's no longer there and they could not find it in their system.... I guess I just have to make a trip to Chapters to find another good one... I'm having problems with food, I think he gets bored and I need to make it more interesting for him. A couple of times this week we were eating dinner that he could eat and so I fed him a little from my plate and he just LOVED it. He loved all the extra flavours instead of his usual boiled fruit/veggies.

He's so cute i am addicted to eating his feet and belly and kissing his cheeks until he slaps me away. Gotta remember to book his 9 month Doctor's appointment tomorrow....


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