tappa the marnin!

oh mosie you used to be this tiny little brown bear!
Moses 4 days old


it's been a difficult morning. i have to say that the time change has been serving me well. moses had been waking up 7-8am... which is now 8am-9am! so i have had to change my bedtime but his has stayed the same. yay for sleep!

it started off alright. it took me FOREVER to upload 200 photos (back from november) onto the London Drugs site to get printed. i got it done last night and this morning when i came to add more, i guess the page timed out and CANCELLED all the photos i uploaded!!!!!

i left Kevin to take care of Moses earlier in the evening and he didn't clean any of the dishes, or the usual tornado that Moses leaves behind on the table and floor. i ended up having to do that all morning while Mr Moses Whiny McWhinerson constantly crawled after me pulling my pants down.

my sister hasn't had enough Moses photos and today she was harassing me for st patty's day ones. and on top of all this i was looking forward to seeing ainge at 9am. i couldn't get a hold of her and she didn't contact me until around 10-1030am to say she had to babysit til noon.

UGH. everyone just leave me alone!!!!!

11am came around and moses was tired and not wanting to sleep. it took me around an hour to get him to finally fall asleep.

hopefully the rest of today gets better... sigh.

that's all. rant over.


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