April Showers

it's been a while!
so next friday is my first day back to work.... NERVOUS!!!

Moses has a new baby cousin! Kevin's sister gave birth to a tiny tiny baby girl 2.5 weeks early. Her name is Andie Rae O'Brien Jensen. He seems to be quite infatuated with babies. Our neighbor's baby is about 5-6 weeks old and he is equally curious (aka swatting his hand at the face) about him as he is with Andie. Last week's dinner at my in-laws he kept cruising the couch where Andie was sleeping in her carseat (yeah sleeping through hollering adults and Moses' blood-chilling shrieks for 2.5 hours! WTF) Isn't it illegal to give babies sleeping pills? jk.

Moses also has a NEW friend! WHO IS A BOY! His first boy (space) friend! His name is ETHAN. And get this...this is so so bizarre. We met the mom and baby for a strata meeting and then met again for a playdate the following week. So at our playdate she (Michelle) brings up that she was the couple living two doors down from us back at The Retro on Hudson Street! Our boys are boy right up in the 90's percentile aka Hulkamaniacs and they were both 5 days late, born two weeks apart! They moved out here to Tsawwassen after two months. I remember seeing her one day in the hallway totally lost in the newborn haze as well as checking our their apartment when it was on the market. WEIRD!

Ethan is the most adorable handsome little man! They are out east right now until Wednesday. It is so incredible to watch them play. We visited them the night before they left and they were being total boys, just clamouring one another and racing to different toys. AND HUGGING! It's so amazing watching Moses play with him and Hanna because they have the exact same facial expressions, movements, mannerisms.... it's like they "understand" one another. Moses is very different with Leila (6 months older). At the moment, Leila is terrified of Moses because he is huge and way stronger when he is trying to be friendly and sucker punches her.

Standing has not happened much more and walking has been limited to walkers/firetruck assistance. I try to remember to bring along his walker when we go out for lunch/walks into town so that he can roam around with Leila (1.5) and Wyatt (2).

He finally has begun to wave! His first wave was Good Friday when Bronwen came over for a visit. I was so surprised because I've been encouraging it for a few weeks and I figured he just wasn't ready. I can't believe he is going to be turning 1! We are going to be flying to Los Angeles for his birthday because Michelle was not able to fly out here. It will be so fun! Wow! 2 LA trips in his first year, what a spoiled brat. I don't know what we are going to do when we get back, since our place is too small to host all our friends and family... 3 separate parties? Like the 3 separate baby showers?? hahahaha

We went swimming this week! Wednesday and this morning. As elated I am that he is totally comfortable in the water, I'm regretful that I didn't put him into lessons earlier! On Wednesday we (Saara, Leila, Moses and I) happened to show up during the infant/toddler swim lessons and there was a 1.5 year old boy there who had been swimming since he was 5 months and he literally honestly swims by himself! Nobody has to hold him or anyhting, he holds his breath and kicks! He goes off the little kiddie slide on his own, splashes under the water and swims back up for air! PHENOMENAL. The instructor was so nice and told us we could just join that group instead of having to wait for April 26 when the next ones start since they are only 1 week into classes.

I am not looking forward to working. I'm so nervous. The plan is to bring him over to my mom's on Thursday nights for him to sleep over... I am completely fine with him doing this, my only concern is for my mom if he is teething or otherwise and won't go back to bed. He's too heavy for her to bounce around :( Well, we'll see how it goes.

the end!


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