smells like sprint

BAH!!!!! these two weeks have been overwhelming!
i'm exhausted and have minor nausea/headaches but i'm doing great.

we had swimming lessons this morning and Baby Ethan was there!
Moses is doing really great in the water, I can't wait until summer when
we can go try out all the waterparks and SPLASHDOWN!!!!
i'm wanting to try out the Granville Island waterpark and Stanley Park.

Michelle (Ethan's mom) bought a bunch of beach toys for the boys to
play with once the weather picks up as well as an inflateable frog pool
which she is going to fill with ballroom balls. That will be AWESOME.

The Mo is not standing/walking unassisted yet. I did however trick him
the other day by distracting him with a cup of water. He started splashing
his hand in the water and didn't realize for about 20 seconds that he was
freestanding. So it isn't that he isn't capable of doing it, he just hasn't built
the confidence yet. Oh The Mo....

He's really getting the whole WAVING thing down. He does it almost 100%
when it's BYE BYE and he's been increasingly doing it fo HI/HELLO.

I don't know what is going on with him. He was teething before the stomach flu
but since then he's still having sapsms when it comes to nap time where I have to
rock him to sleep and seriously, he is TOO HEAVY. i don't know what to do bc
if i just leave him in his crib he doesn't cry lying down he immediately stands up
and just screams until 5 minutes/10minutes/etc....

Oh well. He is a great little man and he's going to be a great brother.

Until next time


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