where did you come from?

so the Mo and I seem to have a case of food poisoning. Moses had been doing a lot of shitting yesterday and today. Actually, first thing this morning he threw up on the carpet. I figured he must have just ate/drank too fast. It wasn't until around 4pm in the middle of a walk with Saara and Leila where I began to feel extremely ill. Initially, I freaked out thinking I was pregnant with the nausea and headache but by the time we got within 10 ft of our door something rumbled in the back door and I ran to the bathroom.

I can't put my finger on where we would have got it from, but Foundation Friday night is sounding like the likely culprit. I think it was the water we drank as the food was all cooked. Plus, Kevin is totally fine which means it would have to be when it was just the Mo and I eating. I have never had food poisoning. This is disgusting. The poor Mo. He has just finished a bad spell of teething only to be accosted by this poisoning. :(

hope we feel better soon


  1. FOR REAL? I was so so so ILL on Saturday. Luckily Hanna wasn't. What could it have been? I also thought I was pregnant and was terrified. I haven't felt like that... well, since you know.

  2. this is so funny that i just realized TODAY that people have left me comments!


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