holy moly and a half

i don't even know where to start
i think i'm just going to save myself some time and spit off whatever
randomly comes to mind!

may 20 - klf helped me mind the Mo while i went for my first baby bump check-up.
surprise of surprises i heard THE HEARTBEAT! i have not had the same amount of time to spend reviewing all the weekly happenings on baby centre and thought it was still a while until i would be able to hear the heartbeat, it was such a lovely surprise :)

i was beyond exhausted to check us in online the night before and had it in my mind that our flight was at 8am so we got up at 5am. how surprised was i the next morning to find that our flight was at 9am.... kev's dad had already arrived to take us to the airport. ARGH.

considering how early we had to rise, Moses was decent on the plane. he slept for about a half hour and we spent the remainder of the time trying to entertain him with ice, crayons, books, ANYTHING!

we were picked up by a driver. michelle and derek are 30 mins from the airport. michelle was ELATED and grabbed him immediately. we had lunch at this mini festival with food trucks and bands. we had french fries, crepes, and a massive burrito. mmm health.

we hung out at home for a while until dinner time. moses was being very uncooperative at the thai restaurant, throwing tonnes of food on the patio including a plate that smashed into pieces. thank god for the ice in ice water. i don't know what is so awesome about ice to him, but at least i know it will keep him happy and occupied...

the house is great. it is in LA close to Pasadena up on a hill. the view is amazing. through the fog you can see the HOLLYWOOD sign miles and miles away. they have a gorgeous patio, a garden of herbs, tomatoes, carrots and a lemon tree! the lemon tree smells sooooo nice. moses pulled off a couple and made many sour faces when biting into it. slow learner hahaha. there are two rocking patio chairs on the deck and a hammock down on the grass. the weather wasn't superb, it was about the same as in Vancouver with a strong breeze.

Sunday was his birthday! he woke up at the crack of dawn around 6-630am. i didn't have a clock but i knew it was early. he waited the 365 days to impress me but he finally took his first steps and not just 2 or 3 but SEVEN brave steps!!!! he continued to do this throughout the day. unfortunately he came down with a fever, bright red cheeks and a low temp of 100. i was frantic and called Dr Su for recommendation of dosage for this non-tylenol tylenol since tylenol and motrin and everything was on recall. i was terrified and having flashbacks of him getting sick when he was 5 days old and needing to hospitalize him.

needless to say he wasn't himself when all the guests arrived. he put on a great face but his appetite was gone and he was still quite warm and a bit fussy. the party was wonderful! we had delicious food: bbq and salads and corn and snacks. he had a Red Velvet cake covered in white icing with a pirate skull drawn in black for the PIRATE THEME. he had an inflateable pirate boat, 3 huge pirate balloon bouqets, and of course the full attire. he was not fond of the plastic hat and less fond of the eyepatch.

it was easy enough getting him to sleep, rocking out on the patio with a bottle of milk but he woke up around 1am and cried inconsolably for almost an hour. and then again around 5am. we managed to get him to sleep easier at 5am and he slept in until about ... god i don't remember.

we took it easy on Monday, cancelled our shopping and dinner plans to let him relax. he was still fussy and warm. we had a lovely breakfast of eggs and crepes and leftovers from the party. he calmed down a lot throughout the day and seemed to have more of an appetite. HE ALSO TOOK TWENTY STEPS!!!! michelle took kev and i to the infamous taco truck. it was DELICIOUS. haven't been in about 5-6 years!!!! $1.25 mini soft tacos with radishes on the side. didn't have a great effect on my stomach later but it was worth it :P

Moses went to sleep easily enough again but woke up once more around 1am! he was fussy for a while but finally calmed down and was playful. we were up for two hours until he finally got tired and slept until almost 830am.

it's funny how we become so obsessed with sleeping/waking times as parents. nobody else cares. they care even less about poo schedules and consistencies LOL.

the trip back was great. he slept in the plane for the entire time except the last 30 minutes.

i have had a splitting headache all day yesterday day and today. i'm stressing out like a mad lady trying to get everything cleaned and prepared and planned and decorated for Moses' big birthday party on Saturday as well as Ainge's bridal shower on Sunday. everytime i think "i've never felt so tired in my life" i want to cry thinking about when number 2 comes along and i have to relive those long nights. and they will be WINTER NIGHTS!

anyway. Moses is doing great. he is happy healty and strong and is the biggest womanizer. he gives girls "sexy" eyes. i don't know how else to describe it. i've only seen it 2-3 times. he had his 1 year appt today, all 4 shots. i'm happy to report he has had no bad reaction and has been as happy and playful as ever.

now that i have finally updated! i need to go and SUPER CLEAN.


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