Mom's my name, don't wear it out..... too late!


Today has been a long and challenging day.
First thing this morning, Moses is toddling around with his Leapfrog firetruck having a gay old time when I hear him let out a whiny cry. I turn around to find him lying on his back when he starts crying. I have trained this guy not to cry unless he has actually hurt himself and so I pick him up to comfort him, assuming he has banged his head a little more than the usual small tap. I pick him up and suddenly blood starts filling and dripping out of his mouth.

I am shaking with fear wondering how the EFF this boy's mouth is bleeding when he was backwards lying on the floor. There is too much blood for me to find the source. My saving grace is that he stops crying pretty quick but the site of all the blood is still bringing on the tears while I hold him close and call Kevin to come home so we can drive to the hospital.

The bleeding slows down by the time Kevin gets home and from what I can tell the bleeding was coming from the gumline above his two upper front teeth. This is a bit of a relief, as I am sure he must have fallen and hit his mouth first before falling backwards.

We wait for an hour and 45 minutes before we finally decided to leave. Two hours for a baby is a long ass time. All he had was a bottle on the way to the hospital and a banana. We hadn't changed his diaper first thing so his diaper was now literally exploding and leaked through his outfit onto my sweater. The nurse wouldn't let me leave to fetch my diaper bag and I was left to squeeze poor Moses into a size 1 diaper.... btw he wears a size 4. OH and failed to mention that while we were waiting, my boss's secretary calls to see if I can fill in for her for a week while she's in Shanghai and asks me if I can just hire a babysitter for Moses. I wanted to punch her. DO YOU THINK I'M WORKING 1 DAY FOR NO REASON????? OBVIOUSLY IF I HAD SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF HIM MORE THAN 1 DAY I WOULD BE WORKING MORE THAN 1 DAY ALREADY!!!!!! NO! I can't just hire a babysitter for 10 hours a day for an entire week on a whim!!!!

Of course everything is fine and we leave. We have a small breakfast and then passed out on the couch together.. I'm sure we looked nothing short of ADORABLE ;P I had a great nap after an hour of not being able to fall asleep and doting on my sweet boy. I woke up at 1pm and groaned as we had a playdate at 1pm.

We have lunch: leftovers and then gorged ourselves on the remaining fresh cut up pineapple for dessert. We packed up and drove the car to Kev's work and bolted to the bustop to bus to Vancouver for our playdate and dinner with another friend. (Kevin would later meet us there)

Our playdate was lovely as usual. I was honoured to receive a wedding invite to Taryn and Syx's wedding! AND HANNA IS WALKING! Dinner was wonderful: fresh baked pizza and virgin sangria (blackberries, pineapple, strawberries and grapes!)

THEN dropping Moses off at my mom's house for his weekly babysitting.

Today has been a long day.

Oh ps, we visited the Crowes yesterday and I found out that my mom has been drilling him on the stairs. He climbed all the way up and down by himself (well i was there in case of course...) and cried everytime I tried to take him away from the stairs!

ok goodnight


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