TWOS day

wondering if i should keep this to a Moses blog or have it be a mom/baby blog...

i completely forgot this blog existed for the past couple of weeks with all the exhaustion that pregnancy brings on. things have been so-so - we found out Tues April 13 and up until the 22 i was having mild nausea. it was doable. Thursday was horrendous, so i immediately booked an acupuncture appt with Pierre for the Saturday. it's been wonderful so far! i feel like i can't complain now since the nausea is gone, however, i have been having issues with my stomach instead. a lot of gas/indigegstion/cramps/discomfort which is not helping my already very limited list of foods i can stomach.

i'm completely exhausted. whenever Moses is down for a nap, i'm right there passed out on the couch. funny enough it is harder for me to sleep when he is sleeping than when he is puttering around making noise... the house is suffering and my computer life is dwindling now that every spare moment is spent on the couch.

i have to say, there is one good thing about this. somehow i feel completely rested in the mornings even if i wake up a few times in the middle of the night. i wake up early (maybe 6-630am) most mornings and then just lie around in bed for 1-1.5 hours until Moses wakes up. i'm awake and although my stomach might be a little uneasy, i have energy. i am very thankful for this.

SO. on with the Moses! he is finally beginning to let go and take a step! kev's parents were babysitting him on sat and apparently he was letting go and trying to step. i was unsure if this was really happening until he did it sunday afternoon. i was sitting beside him and he pulled up with his truck, let go, STOOD for a moment and then took a step towards me before tumbling down into my arms :) and again yesterday in the kitchen he was supporting himself wiht the oven let go and took TWO shuffling steps over to my leg :)


this week
tonight: massage
wednesday: swimming!
thursday: taryn and hanna playdate followed by dinner at Bronwen's with RG
friday: work and possibly evening playdate with Jade and Soleil
saturday: Tsawwassen Craft Fair
sunday: Mother's Day, have to attend Andie's baptism bc kev is the godfather (lol)

OMG then it's next week! ainge arrives, it's hanna's birthday on the sat and the next weekend we are going to LA!!!


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