today has been a good day. i curbed the morning headaches with two pots of fresh ginger tea which saved me a lot of pain and frustration. Moses and I walked up to Ambiente to have brunch with Kevin's Nana and Grandad. It was beautiful weather, about 21 degrees with a light breeze. On the way out to Ambiente, I made a pitstop at Shanti yoga to harass them about prenatal yoga. God must have been listening to my nightly heartaches of not having prenatal yoga bc they JUST found one lady out in Deep Cove to come out once a month! It's not much but it is something and if there continues to be a demand then the supply will hopefully follow. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!

I went out to the Restorative Yoga tonight and it was wonderful. Totally relaxing and put my mind and heart at peace. The first session is free and my sister kindly agreed to pay for my classes since we are so tight on money right now :) I am ELATED.

The Banshee Shrieking lasted two days and it back to its occasional occurances. Moses has been walking increasingly more each day. He gets up right from the ground on his own and will try again if he gets off balance. He just motors around the house on his own and it is amazing. He squats down and picks up toys then brings them along with him.

His mind is developing so fast. He waves goodbye before we get to the "good bye!" part of people leaving, he senses the familiar tones in the voices and the gathering of belongings and begins waving well ahead of time. He waves goodnight to Kevin when i take him off to bed and for the past two nights he waves back at me from his crib while holding penguin. It is too adorable. He also has caught onto me bringing him over to the couch to have his bottle and instead of crying and crawling after me will follow my directions and walk over to the couch, climb up and wait for me to bring it to him.

It is so amazing to witness this development.

The past two weeks have been INSANE. Angela and Sasha's wedding was extremely challenging for me taking care of Moses from 9am until midnight. I was so sad because we were late for the ceremony due to getting lost at UBC and I missed the entire procession :( It was a beautiful wedding! I love how Ainge had the permanent "my-cheeks-are-going-to-rip-apart" massive smile all day long like I did and how all the photos have documented this. The Vancouver Club was so lovely and decadent, I loved the chandeliers. My menus looked FANTASTIC if I don't say so myself :P The food was DEEEEEEEEElish!

I truly wish Kevin would have been able to attend, I was so sad to have not been able to participate and really fully enjoy the day. I ended up having to pick him up because his car got locked in the parking garage. THEN! 3 days later, he ended up telling me that the reception was not AT ALL where we had thought! His parents parked the car for him at the Oval close to the UBC Boathouse where we had thought it was located.... NO NO NO, the reception was across Richmond closer to the IKEA! Kevin was trying so hard to make it to Ainge and Sasha's wedding (he left at 10PM), running half way and then flagging down a taxi! It was 1130pm when I picked him up...

Katherine and Brad's Wedding was equally breathtaking. grogeous playful vintage dresses on the bridesmaids with sweet hairstyles to match. The Milner Chapel was adorable, absolutely perfect! The weather was perfect! Sunny with a really nice breeze! The reception was similar to the chapel, old school and cozy. The food was homey and yummy and all in all I was just so much more relaxed with Kevin there to help. The Vandermeys performed an amazingly touching medley for the couple retelling stories from the couples childhood up until the wedding day using old songs (Tom Petty, the Beatles, The Kinks, etc...) and changing the words. and OF COURSE, Katherine and Brad performed a super sexy garter number for the crowd.

going to Steveston Water Park with Moses and Renee!!!!


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