summer fun

Summer is fantastic! I love the warm nights. Moses has been going for later sleeps because I just can't refuse the beautiful post-dinner walks... and the waking up at 830am isn't too shabby either :P The weeks fill up pretty fast so our days are usually somewhat exciting.

Steveston WaterPark was fun although Moses wasn't a huge fan of the cold water temperature. He didn't cry or throw any fits, he just circled the water park over and over with his walker. He managed to wander beneath the rainbow sprinkler once it had turned off and I watched excitedly what would happen when it turned back on... he stood up on his toes and BOLTED out of there so fast! Poor guy!

Renee and Shmoo met up with us and we headed to the regular park before having fish and chips at the harbour. Such a perfect day with two really sweet girlfriends :)

The following day I took him to Centennial Beach (Tsawwassen's local beach) for the first time... well he'd been to the park but not the beach part. The water was deliciously warm but he was still nervous and opted out. I had my first experience changing a sandy diaper which was as much as a struggle as I had expected but totally doable. He was so adorable walking on the warm lumpy sand unassisted. SO PROUD!

We went back the following week for leftover-birthday-taco-dinner-picnic with Kevin. I just love going to the beach and I love that it is way less crowded than the city beaches. The water is beautiful and less sketchy, the view is gorgeous and it feels like an actual beach.

Soleil turned 1 and had an AWESOME birthday party. The Mandalay - where they live - is gorgeous! They have an enormous amenities room and two massive courtyards. The bouncy castle they rented took up maybe a third or a quarter of one of the courtyards! Rob made some amazing BBQ and of course as they are Filipino there was way too much food :P

With summer and living out by the farms comes local fruit and vegetables stands with the most heavenly produce imagineable. I am so thankful to be pregnant again so that I can gorge myself on all this fresh produce! It seems that my allergies to fresh fruits and veggies came back within that short period between the end of breastfeeding and becoming pregnant again. I am very sad about that but I am still holding on to the tiny sliver of hope that perhaps after THIS pregnancy, my hormones or enzymes or whatever it is, adjust PERMANENTLY. Me and Moses have been pigging out on strawberries and just picked up a batch of the first blueberries! The carrots are delicious and I'm addicted to the English Peas. Kevin used the fresh cherries to make my homemade (sans gluten) black forest cake for my birthday!

Yesterday I had a nice break with Lauren while her parents - whom are visiting for a couple of weeks - babysat Moses. We went for a relaxing look around Robson Street and had lunch at Cactus Club. I am going to WHIP HER into starting up her bakery because 1) it's what she REALLY wants to do and 2) she is DAMN good at it. The only thing in her way is herself. Our entire family is behind her and simply WAITING. I'm going to get started on logo designs and helping her organize things to get started and we are goign to meet again next week! I'm so happy it's summer because during the rest of the year she is MIA with teahing. :)

Last but not least... I went to the beach again today hahahahaha. It's such a gorgeous day! Nicole came out again and picked us up from White Spot. We ordered sandwiches and had a "nice" picnic on the beach. Moses ate sandy fries, spat out the coleslaw, tore my clubhouse into pieces etc... It was crowded today! I am thankful again that our "crowded" day would be a slow day in Vancouver! Nicole hung out with magazines while I took Moses out to the water. EVERYONE was in the water! The tide was out and the sand was scorching hot. I wore my MUI MUI gladiators and kept taking them on and off bc I didn't want to ruin them but my feet couldn't handle the heat! I was smart enough to buy Moses a pair of fake Crocs from the dollar store because HE LOVED THE WATER!!!!! he waded in upto his tummy and kept bending over to splash and had fun kneeling and squatting in the water. I wish I had my bathing suit so we could both sit in the water... THAT is what this coming Thursday is for hahahaha!

Tomorrow is the first day back to our swimming lessons and this time we are actually enrolled. After his nap we are going to bus out to have a paydate with Taryn and Hanna Panda before Kevin picks us up for dinner with my cousin Chris! We are going to HAPA IZAKAYA! I have been meaning to try it and it was the only thing that made me happy after finding out our initial locale was CLOSED DOWN :( :( :( :( :(

Aaahhh--CHOOO!!! In other news, I have spent the past two weeks doing kegels while peeing and they have paid off. No more leaks whenever I sneeze or laugh or cough :P

Yoga tonight! YAY!!!!


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