diaper you up in my love

we jumped on the cloth diaper bandwagon with Moses. we did a lot of research
and attended one of the local Cloth Diaper 101 classes to figure out which would best suit our needs. in all honesty, it is hard to judge until you are actually thrown into the whole BABY IS HERE NOW WTF! i would suggest that if you are planning on doing the cloth diapers to take advantage of local companies that offer Trial Packages. New and Green Baby is the company that offered both the classes as well as trial packages.

we experimented with 3 different types. in the last weeks of my pregnancy, kev and i formed a temporary sweatshop in our kitchen and sewed up about 20 prefold diapers.

Diaper Sweatshop - Manager Bunnykins Keeping Watch

they lasted until about 4 months and at 5 months, the Snappis were begging Moses for mercy! i personally liked the prefolds for these first few months being that it was the most diaper changing we had to do and it was nice to be able to just throw them on and off as if they were disposable.

we ordered about a dozen fancy shmancy cloth diapers online at The Good Mama for the obvious reason that they were SO ADORABLE even though we ended up having to put diaper covers on them :P the site speaks about disposables having more blowout episodes than these goodmama diapers. i wouldn't say the goodmama diapers had NONE but i can say the elastic fit around the waist did help keep the green sewage of milk poop intact more often!

Sleepy Infant Mosie Sporting "Cars"

we stopped using the cloth diapers around 6 months, shortly after Moses began solids. we did this for two reasons:

1. Moses began solids aka his poo became firmer and therefor a lot more tactile and more difficult to "shluff" off with our spatula, ESPECIALLY from between the scrunchy serged area around the legs and from in between the extra absorbent layers.

2. Moses became much more active, stronger, and too difficult to keep down for the extra amount of time required to snap all the snap AND put on a cover.

i do very much love them for how soft and kind they had been on Mosie's little rump. we did try for two weeks going back to the cloth just recently but his poo stench for the extra amount of work it now takes to shluff is just too much!

the third cloth diaper we used was a baby shower gift by http://www.bumgenius.com/. I LOVE THESE DIAPERS! they are All-In-One diapers aka AIO diapers. I loved these because you did not need a diaper cover and the velcro closures make it as easy as disposables when changing a crazy active baby! there is a pocket opening at the back of the diaper to insert extra absorbency layers, making it easy to pull out when doing the laundry and less hassle when having to shluff poo! with the layers inserted into the pocket, there is just one nice smooth surface (less the scrunchy of the goodmama) for that spatula to glide across!

this has been our diaper experience. prefolds are super cheap for the earlier months. goodmamas are wonderful for their softness and coolness factor. bum genius AIOs are the closest thing to disposables.

here is a financial breakdown for anyone curious about the difference of costs of disposables VS cloth diapers posted by thegoodmama

we are definitely going to do the cloth again with Chloe when she is born. and i am thinking of possibly selling the goodmamas and purchasing more of the bum genius AIOs.


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