alright, where are we!

since the last post we managed to do the room switch for Moses. we now have all my art junk semi-organized in piles in Moses old den bedroom, and he has moved up in the world to a room double almost triple the size! i was nervous about how he would handle the swap but i am thrilled to say it was SEAMLESS! i had to use his big black quilt to cover the windows in the afternoon for a few days until we picked up one of the black-out roller blinds from IKEA which is absolutely perfect!!!! it only took kevin about 15-20 mins to install and it fits perfectly in front of the regular blinds that are already installed. there is a range of sizes if you are looking for something similar :) i keep meaning to take photos... i will try to remember when he is awake.

also, while i am updating i am signing up onto for the first time in my life i finally feel not only interested but capable and patient enough to delve into baking. i made my first batch of cookies by myself last week. i put less butter than required because the amount called for kind of freaked me out... and i was also using sarasin aka buckwheat flour so that kevin could have them as well. i think the combination of leaving out the required butter and using buckwheat was what caused them to be a bit dry. the buckwheat was still "wet" so i kept them in the oven longer than asked. anyway, i am proud of myself and not discouraged and i am signing up to find and save some good recipes :)

this past weekend was super crazy busy! we had a wedding on both Friday and Saturday. Kevin took the Thursday off bc my sister was supposed to have flown in for Saturday's wedding but sadly could not make it last minute :( we spent 5 hours running around doing errands including getting those sweetass blinds for Moses room AND AND AND Kevin buying me a new bra and underwear. yes, my delicates are in a depressed state of affairs right now. HOORAY!

both weddings were so lovely. we had a fantastic time and everyone of course was in love with the Mo. the weather was scorching hot all weekend and is showing no sign of mercy. it is supposed to be 32 degrees today and tomorrow!!!

some photos!




  1. Here's a tip for cookie making: If they still feel like they're a little wet, pull them out of the oven anyway and they will continue to cook on the hot pan for another minute or so if you let them. I find that it really helps me from over-baking them!


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