the switch

this is moses old room in our tiny windowless den

i transfered the batting clouds and raindrops into his new room
but the colour scheme of the raindrops did not match very well with the blue of
the new bedroom and i had a hell of a time getting the clouds to stay up
just using tape. similarly, the awesome wrapping paper in the picture
frame also clashed colours.

this is what i have done up so far
(please don't mind the mess)

i updated the raindrops colour scheme
and have been trying to come up with an alternate idea
with which to make the clouds
remembered this amazing piece of work using paper

i'm thinking of cutting long strips of paper and spiralling them
into concentric circles and grouping them altogether.
i think it will make gorgeous lines and beautiful shadows and
add a very tactile texture to the wall :)

other mentionables

i have been spreading the word that Chloe James O'Brien
is the name of this little girl even though kevin isn't the keenest on it.
last weekend when i said "i didn't know" to someone who asked
about names, kevin replied "GOOD ANSWER".

IT'S ON KEVIN! was the reply in my head hahahahha

i haven't initiated the discussion yet BUT i am happy to say
that the other day i called her Coco (the nickname i have decided on for Chloe)
and he also made a cute comment calling her Coco....

i am currently working on an illustration for the new title
of this blog (which i am hoping to export to wordpress)
i have decided on

g a n g o f f o u r

it sounds cool
initially my only association was with this
pop-punk-esque band named GANG OF FOUR
but upon googling the name
i also found that there was a communist group
with the same name
the included one of Mao Zedong's (ex)wives

my doctor's appointment this past week
concluded that i am in fact 24 weeks pregnant
and that they are going to regulate me according
to my original date based on my menstrual cycle
instead of the 20 week ultraround
SO DEC 6 2010 IT IS

reminder: need to take pregnancy photos


  1. Oh man, I LOVE those paper cut-out things! I don't think it really works with my aesthetic at home, but if you want help making some for your place, I'd love to give it a try.

  2. aren't they AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! i'm thinking of attempting to do and M and a C for their room in the style of the 25 lbs. very labour intensive no pun intended hahahaha


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