walking on sunshine

this summer continues to be full of good times and beautiful weather. we've had a few sweltering days but had nice breezy cool days to balance it out. i'm not looking forward to missing out on all the fresh local produce come Fall, but i am definitely ready for the brisk days that call for cozy sweaters and hot chocolate.

August is here. the summer has rolled out at a nice pace so far. Moses is so lucky, he's had a wealth of activity! we took him to the Vancouver Aquarium for his first visit yesterday afternoon :) we were fortunate to skip the loooooooong line-up when we said yes to a membership. it was so strange to think about how many times i had visited the aquarium with my parents, and now to be bringing my own child! i have a photo of me and my family sitting on one of the white ledges outside the aquarium when i was probably 3 or 4... the ledge is still there, unchanged. kevin, on the other hand had not visited for the better part of the last 18 years! painful to realize how old we now are.

Moses had a good time. his favourite seemed to be the tank of small sharks, a large turtle and stingrays. we saw the jellyfish, the tropical fish, the locals and watched the beluga show! he enjoyed the belugas, especially underground :) we left around 3pm and were stuck in horrible traffic. it took us an hour to get out of Stanley Park to downtown and another 40 mins to get home. i didn't mind the ride, plus Moses got to have a nice long nap.

after dinner and a nice summer evening walk to Thrifty's, fireworks started going off outside our backyard at the rec centre when we were having storytime. i brought Moses outside and covered his ears as they were loud at such a close distance. he kept pushing my hands away and then quickly freaked out over the volume of the bang bang bang. i brought him in and we watched them from our living room floor through the window. i was so happy to be able to watch them from the comfort of our living room. i was sad we couldn't make it to the Symphony of Fire fireworks downtown so this was perfect!

it's BC Day today, a stat holiday. kevin decided to take tomorrow off as well. the ultrasound two weeks ago was successful, baby was healthy BUT unwilling to show us its gender no matter how much a danced and jumped around to make baby move positions. the ultrasound also revealed i am actually 2 weeks earlier than predicted based on my menstrual cycle which put me back at 18 weeks. since we were unable to determine the gender and had to wait until i was 20 weeks, i scheduled an appointment with My3d Baby for TOMORROW!!!! the demand for gender assessment must be through the roof bc they came out with a limited time offer to find out strictly gender at $50 instead of the mini package with extras at $99. Hooray! and since we were past customers we get an extra 10% off. so! very excited for tomorrow's results!

Baby 2 has been kicking for about 2 weeks now. small little nudges here and there. my stomach has definitely popped and sometimes feels bigger than it really is. i'm having fears about how big and how fast i will grow this time round. i'm praying that it is slow and possibly smaller, i am terrified of having to chase Moses around with a huge belly or worse have my leg roll out again whenever i'm walking. i think once this session of swimming lessons is over in september, that will be it for lessons! kev can take him on sat/sun mornings bc i will definitely not be able to haul that sack of potatoes over the pee-covered tiles...

this week will be a short week and after this coming weekend, it will be back to back weddings! Taryn and Syx on Friday the 13th and Chris and Thomas the following evening. EXCITED!!!

it is a great time in my life, i'm so happy to be alive


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