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Part I - Happy Anniversary

life has been good since my last emo post :P our 3 year wedding anniversary was chill and relaxed after some pregnancy hormonal dramas hahaha. i had my mind set on dropping Moses off so we could go out for a nice dinner only to be asked if i wanted risotto for dinner and completely ignoring my question about possibly dropping off Moses at his parents'.

i was so upset that i dolled myself up and told him
if we're not going out, i'm leaving because i can't be at home
i didn't know where i was going
i drove to the beach and cried until finally concluding
I should be the one offering to make him a nice dinner, not the other way around!
not to mention we are tight on money and how presumptuous of me to expect him to wine and dine me!

he was just finishing dinner by the time i stopped crying in our parkade and made my way back through the door. i went over to hug him, apologize and tell him that i should be the one doing this, not him. he hugged me back and told me it was ok, that it wasn't me or him but both of us.

it was a nice evening. we cleared our patio table (FINALLY! for the first time this summer) and had a delish dinner outside with a little wine and a blackberry-peach crumble from the Choices Rice Bakery that i had bought for him earlier that day.

i am a lucky girl. happy anniversary to us!

Part II - Moses' Update

Fig 1.1 - Greyed out teeth represent teeth that Moses has/process of having

we went on a teething break for quite some time until the last few weeks where his two first molars came in as well as the bottom right Lateral Incisor. all three are still in the process of fully budding out. the solid foods seem to be helping as we have not needed to give him any tylenol.

i have the feeling that he is finally about to start speaking. he is still too shy as seen when we ask him to say please, he kind of just smiles sheepishly and tilts his head pointing at what he wants hoping he can just charm us into giving him his bottle or whatever it may be at the time. i feel like he is saying "up" and "down", but i am not absolutely sure. he is still not really saying Mama/Papa meaningfully although I KNOW he knows. i asked him today where his belly was and he gave his usual response of pulling up his shirt and patting his belly. i then asked him where Mama's belly was, and he pulled up MY shirt and patted my belly... then pulled my shirt back down hahaha :) ADORABLE. when we ask "where's Mama/Papa" he looks to the right person and points. he knows...

he has moved past answering every question with nodding and moved onto shrugging, either with his shoulders or raising his hands. it has waned off a little from constant (2 weeks?) to selective, thank goodness! he definitely learned that from kevin hahaha.

Part III - Other Notables
ainge and sasha are coming over to visit later this afternoon. i am present working on the paper clouds which is turning out very well!

still need to take preggo photos :P


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