i can't sleep.
i hate it.
was it the after dinner tea?
was it that i stayed up too late and went beyond tired?

i'm just not sleepy.

went to yoga today and was stoked to have Teresa back as the instructor.  i was looking forward to the arm exercises that tap into your mental state of pain or sensation coping and i was very pleased that when we did get into them, they were a breeeeeeeeze!  i was able to get through them previously - but my coping methods (as we were sitting down cross-legged) included vigorous rocking, loud vocalization and lots of deep breathing.  today was interesting because she had us start out moving our bodies to James Brown in dance movements before incorporating the arm movements and this made a HUGE difference!  it was as i said a breeze!  it must be the positive energy and endorphins created by dancing.  definitely going to be making a labour playlist again but will actually use it this time around.

i took some extra "me" time afterwards, perusing Gravity Pope, having my Caper's 2 for $5 lunch and checking out the baby stores along 4th.  it's sort of fun going through the baby stores because i find myself offering my experiences to the first time parents that, like myself, are so blinded by beautiful design and all the fancy shmancy things or just don't know what to take into consideration when purchasing.  today i warned a couple with a 3month cutie to not get the Handy-Sitt highchair that i, too, fell in love with.  cleaning that MF-ing thing is such a pain in the ass; i told them to run over to Superstore and get the Fisher Price seat that is easily wipeable with no crevasses and tight spots too trap food.  every couple looking for a stroller gets my bugaboo rant, bugaboo needs to hire me to sell their strollers bc i am a fan fo lyfe.  they just need to get on the double stroller wagon.

i can't believe it's bloody 2:30am and i am not sound asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

time is ticking away...
Dr Appt this week
Baby Shopping with Trizie this weekend
Thanksgiving the following weekend
Maybe go to the USA for a quick trip the next weekend?
Baby Shower the following weekend
and then Halloween

need to get so much stuff done :(

dammit, i should have made myself some camomile tea (or cameltoe as i like to call it) before i sat here

kevin made delish banana muffins this morning with flax and currants and raisins, cut out the sugar and added more banana.  kevin is so awesome.  i am so happy how considerate he is about moses' sugar intake.

also the other night in bed i asked him what he wished at that moment and he said he wished that i felt better :)  i love him.

also.  post to come: video of moses' impression of an elephant


a half tossing Moses woke up to the sound of me flushing the toilet while i was waiting for my 365 photo to load up there.  it terrified him enough that i heard him jump out of bed and his little feet pitter patter to his door before he started crying.

it was a rough sleep but it was adorable when he fell asleep at one point and was talking in his sleep saying "mama" over and over.


  1. I too, am a huge fan of the plastic fisher price seat we got as a gift and never felt the need to buy a high chair.

  2. totally! plus in our situations with small living quarters, we don't have room for a highchair! AND it's portable!

  3. WHAT DID YOU GUYS GET!? u and t. yes i read your blog because imma loser. :) and i love it. BYE

  4. i'm so confused what is U and T? don't say you are a loser for reading my blog that makes me a lsoer too LOL... you are not the only one, lots of people have apparently been reading my ramblings.

  5. oh wait me and Trizie LOL that's this weekend coming up!

  6. OH DUUH! haha and obvs i creeep it once a weeek. is she big now???? there must be alot of tits in the offffffice. hahaha


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