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my girlfriend just found out she's having a girl!
she is six weekends behind me

i guessed right i guessed right! go mom powers!

ok with that off my chest onto the subject at hand: BOOKS

being an artistic individual makes buying kids' books a challenge as the majority of books are truly lacking in aesthetics. i realize this makes me a snob but what can i say. obvs Eric Carle is the only popular illustrator widely distributed and familiar among parents with a signature style, but beyond that i find looking for books a frustrating experience. it is TOTALLY judging a book by its cover but if i have to read these books a zillion times, i need to be placated by pleasant imagery.

there are two authors i am currenlty in love with. bear with me if this is old hat, but i clearly just entered kids' books land.

Oliver Jeffers series. not only are his illustrations truly awesomely rad, but the storylines are so clever, imaginative and totally adorable. his stories are enjoyable for both children and adults... well i guess i speak for myself on that :P so far, we have the great paper caper and lost and found. i love that stories will include characters seen from other stories as well as the different cute family photos posted at the back of books with a brief description about Mr Jeffers.

Peter Mccarty is another delicious author and illustrator. (i am going to have to check out these two authors' sites myself) the first time i came across Peter McCarty was around Valentine's Day last year at the local book store where i found Henry in Love and more recently Jeremy Draws a Monster. the illustrations are beautiful!!!! they have this very soft and almost dreamy quality to them and the storylines are nothing short of insanely adorable. i HIGHLY recommend these two stories :)

we have a pile of other books for him which include some Sandra Boynton, which i'm sure everyone has. i had refused to purchase any of them since i really disliked the illustration, but Moses really enjoys the stories. in many ways, having him enjoy books makes them worth reading whether or not they are visually appealing. i am hoping his interest in books keeps up as he grows older and i can't wait until he matures to the age where he can safely handle the pages of these paper pages as well as enjoy the stories.


  1. OLIVER JEFFERIES is my favorite. I absolutely love his graphics!


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