happy mom

i'm happy to report it's has been a really relaxed past couple of days. i was in a horrible mood thursday night, just totally exhausted. friday was great, i put together a great outfit for work (with my leopard heels) and felt fantastic before even getting compliments on being dolled up. i had dim sum for lunch with Jenice and the whole day in general went by super fast.

kevin finished all the work on the bottom cabinets so that my mom could order the countertops which freed us up for some family time! we met up with Taryn and Hanna Panda at the Olympic pool Saturday morning and had a great time. we stopped by the Reef for a snack and arrived home just in time to put Moses down for his nap. kev took off to his parents to FINALLY have some time to work on his own projects after a month of working on my mom's kitchen. Moses and I walked to my in-law's once he awoke which was very enjoyable, i got 40mins exercise and the weather was so mild and comfortable.

i realize these are the most boring paragraphs ever written in history, but all these small things make such a difference in my life right now. i got to look nice! i got to have lunch with a friend! i had a revitalising walk in the perfect weather for my prego body and Moses didn't cry the whole way!

we had a nice dinner with my in-laws ending with two pies and tarts :) i love getting together for these dinners. i love seeing how Moses interacts with his baby cousin Andie. he is such a sweetheart, so alert and aware! he is definitely going through the toddler stage of not sharing well with those his age, but with Andie he seems to be aware that she is a baby and he gives her toys to play with. he shows concern for when she is crying and interest when she is having her diaper changed. all things i am hoping will keep up for when Chloe arrives.

i'm excited! Nesting, is that you?
thursday afternoon i finally found a dresser for the kids' room after weeks of perusing the local thrift shop and it cost me $3!!!!!! i completely forgot about it until friday night. after Moses went to bed, Kev and I made a quick drive up the block and plunked it in the back of the trunk half sticking out. we just brought it in and cleaned it up this morning before sticking it in Moses' room. i'll be sure to post a photo once he's up from his nap :)

also i'm getting my ideas together to make another blanket/quilt for Chloe as i had done for Moses. i feel silly for feeling this way, but i am having mixed feelings for wanting to do something more complicated for Chloe bc i don't want Moses to get older and be like

mom, why did i get a plain blanket with a girl and mermaid on it and chloe has this cool one with a pinwheel pattern???

i'm compromising with myself to keep it simple and maybe just have 3 pinwheels on it. i've just saved a bunch of pinwheel patterns to work from...

anyway. today has been great! Michelle came over with her Mom and Ethan for a playdate that was just mindblowingly awesome. we have a lot of playdates, but i swear to god that Moses and Ethan are soulmates. they just click when they are together. they play very interactively and i can't help but wonder if it has something to do with the fact that they are both the same size, larger than the average toddler for their age. they seem to share the same sense of humour as well. they were taking turns playing peek-a-boo with the sliding door blinds, bursting at the seams laughing at every BOO!!!! i was amazed to see Moses incorporating the anticipatory pause just before opening the blinds around his face to surprise Ethan. we are definitely making efforts to get these two together more often, they really rub off on one another when together which is a great experience for the both of them. Ethan is so advanced in his speaking and Moses is very fine motor skills oriented. they had a blast chasing one another, trying to unlock the baby gate with our car keys, jumping on Moses bed and snacking together. they were sweating buckets!

meanwhile. kev is over at my mom's getting more stuff done, possibly heading over to his parents to indulge himself in his own projects. i'm so happy he finally had the opportunity yesterday to work on the Model A, i haven't seen him so happy and satisfied in a long time.


i'm feeling really happy right now.


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