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the following post contains sexual content. discretion is advised for prudes or relatives.

i'm feeling much better than i had been this morning.

everynight i want to have sex and everynight i'm too goddamn exhausted. the feelings are mutual. the lack of intimacy is getting to the point where i am having nightly dreams about it which is sad. last night, as i was dozing off, i was thinking about how baby stores should have an adult section with vibrators and plastic v-jays for the months prior and following birth. i remember intimacy being more frequent while pregnant with Moses but i didn't have to take care of Moses then either... anyway, those would be great baby shower gifts LOL. then on those exhausted nights, each partner can turn on their device and hold hands to get that connectivity. hahahahahahahahha. i have also been thinking about Barbarella and how sex was considered a distraction, and so people would take a pill and the two parties would press palms together for a brief moment. effortless!

also. i'm really not into the double D rack i'm hauling around. i swear to god it is causing me more backpain than my belly. it doesn't help that i'm starting to lose real estate in my chest and lungs area where my bra sits and as a result causes pain both in the front AND back! they are just so immensely heavy and unmanageable, it is making me very terrified for after birth when they swell up even more for breastfeeding. it is not possible!!!! how can someone who is in the 90lb range and 5 feet tall possibly carry two E cups. it's a joke is what it is.

i've committed myself to the 365 project. this is the latest.

here is the dresser! i attempted to put the paper-curled clouds up last night as well but sadly they looked like crap and i decided to just put up the puffy fluff clouds again. i am going to play around in Photoshop and test out what colour combo to repaint the dresser.

today has been good :)
Moses woke up at 9am and after a snacky breakfast we headed out to Vancouver to meet up with Ainge and Nads for congee on Main St. we hung out for a bit at JJ Bean until Happy Batz opened at 1:30pm so we could rent the DVD's needed to do the video montage for work. it was a really nice day today, typical bi-polar Vancouver weather - sunny and raining at the same time. I must say I do love that Tsawwassen, though in butt-eff nowhere, is much sunnier than the rest of the Lower Mainland.

that's all for now!


  1. i've commited to it too, just need to start posting! i absolutely love your latest portrait!! you're gorgeous! xoxox


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