last days of summer

Moses crazy morning hair today

ainge visited with hubtaro Sasha and her cousin Erica for the evening. we ordered a bunch of dishes from the Thai restaurant by my place for dinner followed by ice cream and tea. it was a nice evening with good company and a semi-break from taking care/playing with Moses.

yesterday we went to the Olympic Pool again! we met up with Miss Renee as well as Saara and Leila. i was also supposed to meet up with another mom but Moses decided 20 mins before we had to leave to take my cell phone (which i just got in june after he destroyed my beloved gold phone) and drown it in the glass of water beside kev's side of the bed. as i ran over screaming obscenities Moses decided to also tip the glass over onto the carpet and onto kev's magazines/bills/papers. i was livid, i think i actually was seeing red! i was so angry at him and barked at him to leave me alone while i angrily made our sandwiches for lunch after swimming.
it probably took me a good half hour to stop glaring at him. i felt bad. i mean REALLY, i should have been watching him more closely. i should have kept tabs on my phone, i should have closed my bedroom door, i should have taken the glass of water out of the room... COULDA SHOULDA... DIDN'T.

he was well-behaved on the ride out to Vancouver and once we were at the pool, we had an awesome time! i was so proud of how well he was doing. he winced less when we went under the sprinklers and pelting fountains and he actually seem completely unphased the handful of times i dipped him under to renee. he didn't even cling onto me when he knew i was about to do it!!!! i'm so glad we kept up with the swimming this summer even if not at the local pool for lessons. i hope that kev will take him on the weekends once his lessons are over at the end of this month so he stays comfortable.

after swimming we said our goodbyes and had an disgustingly adorable lunch together on the steps outside the entrance. i wish so badly i had a photo of us, but i guess i'll just have to illustrate it one of these days. he happily sat down beside me and we ate our egg salad sandwiches with juice and some animal cookies ($1.99 on sale and organic at Shopper's woo hoo lameness!).

also i would like to add that when we were walking to the car to get our lunch Moses ran ahead and i asked him "how do you even know where you are going?!" to which another passing mom answered "he's using THE FORCE!" ha ha :P

today we met up with Danielle little Jack and baby Charlie at the Centennial Beach park. it was a beautiful warm day with a nice cool breeze. Charlie is such a sweet baby! he has such a beautiful complexion and he didn't cry! in fact (pat myself on the back...) he fell asleep in my arms :) i realize this is false confidence since my niece Andie (5-6months) does not seem to like me holding her as much... but i can pretend i've got that magic mom touch, right? i was touched and thrilled to see Moses being such a sweet and gentle guy with Charlie. he kept waving "hello" to Charlie and gently touching his arm or head and smiling, it was so sweet and reassuring that he is going to be (hopefully!) similarly welcoming and doting on his baby sister.

the long weekend is upon us. we have no plans for travel mostly because the thought of being stuck with Moses in the car for more than 30-40mins is a frightening thought. that and the inevitable traffic UGH.

anyway... i need to take more photos of things. this post could have been truncated into 5 photos with just a few words.

my day off tomorrow aka going to work :P


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