last minutes of summer

sigh. it's been two summers now since i was first pregnant. i remember that last summer well. i remember getting home on friday and kevin had just found the Ace Hotel. we drove out that evening to Seattle (because when you don't have kids, you can just pick up and go at 7pm to wherever you want...), got changed in our cool hotel room and went out for Japanese at 10:30pm. oh the luxury.

that was a great summer. our first two months married and on our own, free from Babcock (house we renovated and sold with kev's sister and husband), out of Tsawwassen and in Vancouver.

with labour day weekend here i've been thinking of all the students returning to school. i remember the mixed feelings i would have, not wanting the free time to end, not wanting to hit the books and wake up early to run after mean bus drivers while at the same time looking forward to a new beginning.

i brought up our teenage times with kev the other day reminding him of how at the end of summer in highschools we always felt this crazy emo need to make love (yeah right, because teenagers are such sexperts hahahahha) one.last.time. OH so Romeo and Juliet! he said he didn't remember that specifically but that it didn't surprise him. the real surprise is that considering how sloppy we were with protection, we didn't get pregnant for 10 years HAH!

i wish we could go away the way we used to be able to... i know that we COULD, but really the effort of having to pack double and be stuck in the car with moses who dislikes car-rides is not much of a get-away. we had a pretty lovely morning yesterday. Saara told me about Earthwise Garden down by Centennial Beach and how they were having a free pancake breakfast and lots of organic produce. I invited Michelle and little Ethan to join us as well :) It was such a lovely little place!

not sure right now if we are going to have a free day tomorrow or if we are going to drag our butts over to my mom's again to get more work done on that bloody kitchen. depressing.

Halloween is just around the corner. And then Kevin's birthday two weeks later... and then 3 weeks later i'm due. i have to laugh in order not to cry. :P


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