rainy sunday

summer is slipping away and the grey skies of vancouver fall are creeping in.

yesterday was rough (just the way your mother likes it...) i was in a foul mood from the get-go. grumpy from getting up early for work, staying an extra hour and a half before bussing and walking to Richmond, and then waiting around until 9pm for kev to catch up on more kitchen renovating. Moses went down to sleep easy only to wake up a couple hours later. he was not satisfied with me sleeping on the floor so he came to our room where after about a half our of twisting, turning, and kicking us in the head he finally fell asleep. funny, i think me and kev fell asleep before Moses. i woke up at 3am and grumbled to kev to bring moses back to his room. he woke up early at 7am. UGH.

the rush was on. we had pancakes for breakfast before packing up the house in order to get ready in the car for yet ANOTHER wedding in Surrey, after my yoga in Vancouver. Moses fell asleep early in the car on the way out to Vancouver and he and kev went to ambleside beach before scooping me up from yoga. Capers is really awesome. it is just a few stores down from yoga on 4th and they have a small section of 2 items for $5. they have various mini wraps (veggie, curried chicken, chicken cesar...) and a selection of healthy salads (broccoli, quinoa, potato...). yay for cheap healthy foods!

we then drove out to Surrey with half an hour to spare for getting into our wedding attire. oh the life of a parent! we parked a short ways down from the Chateau Cargill in a random driveway that led to a field on the side of the highway. kev got ready first while i walked around with Moses picking blackberries from nearby bushes and yelling at him to stop going towards the road. then we switched and i prepped myself as comfortably as possible for a pregnant lady to do in the front seat of a small vehicle. change Moses diaper, throw him into his clothes and back into the carseat for the 30 second drive back up to the wedding location.

i don't really want to talk about the wedding. i haven't seen the bride for probably 15 years and i mostly attended to make my gong gong (grandfather) happy. that's all i'm going to say.

h a p p y t h i n g s !

1. Babyccino and Zara

found this neat site while googling images for previous post babyccinokids where i learned there is now ZARA ONLINE!!!!!

Click to enter!

2. Toddler Bed

Hammering the open corners with his hands after watching kevin
hammering the plastic safety pieces to cover toddler-finger-sized-holes

in the midst of our crazy morning yesterday, we managed to dismantle Moses' crib into its toddler form. i figured we might be home late from the wedding and would be able to just sneak a sleeping Moses from the car and into the new bed, but he banshee screamed for the 30 minutes drive home and was not sleepy upon arrival. but but but it's ok because not only was he totally stoked about being able to jump in and out of his bed earlier that morning, but after storytime, he went into his room and into his bed with Penguin and his blanket and waved goodnight to us WITHOUT A PEEP!!!!

Moses at approx 10:30pm

he DID wake up from rolling over at about 5am at which point i drunkenly almost bashed my head into the wall stumbling out to his room. he was at the door doing his little whiny cries. i picked him up and joined him (so much easier now!) in his bed. i woke up at about 8am and snuck back into bed with kevin (almost bashing my head into another wall on the way LOL) and Moses slept for another 20 mins!

it took him about another 15-20 mins to exit his room ( i left the door open a crack for his fingers) play around in the living room and then finally make his way into our room and climb our bed. SOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!

so good news is he is not troubled by this new adjustment. we do, however, need to find a long plank to squeeze between the mattress and plank that is butted up against his mattress to keep him from rolling off the bed. he's still napping at the moment (HOORAY!) after rolling out once and me joining him for 15 mins.

Next on list: potty training


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