reaping the benefits

i'm laughing at this blog because of all the typical prego up and down moods.
so unlike my last post, today is a GOOD day!  celebrate!  it was actually completely spontaneous and alarming but it has turned out quite well so far.

ainge rules
yesterday we had a 10/10 drive out to Burnaby - no crying or whining or panicking for the full 45 min drive!  the video for Fairmont is looking great, ainge has done a spectacular job with editing and finding perfect clips.  i am unable to express my gratitude for her help bc there is no way i would have been able to do this on my own!  she made us a delish little lunch (chickpea tomato spinach salad, boiled eggs, apples, and hummus) and had good times with the Mo on the computer.

kate-lynn rules
we dropped off ainge on the way to pick-up kate-lynn in vancouver.  klf generously volunteered herself to be a model for the posters i need to make for Fairmont, and with a day's notice that she could do it!!!  she did a fabulous job in our ghetto make-shift photoshoot in my kitchen, so well that even Moses was like "hey i want in on this attention!" and decided to join the photoshoot!!!! (probably didn't hurt that i was playing Madonna and Lady Gaga to get us in the mood lol)

kevie rules
after our photoshoot i had to run and pick up kevin from work.  we put him to work ASAP and he also did an amazing job... Moses again had to be part of it hahahaha

i spent 2 hours photoshopping before emailing them out last night and i am ECSTATIC to say they were most happily received!!!!!!!  here are the results!

please note:
the last first and last pose shown here of kevin were inspired dances from an episode of Spongebob we watched the other day LOLOLOL!!!!

this morning Moses woke early at 7am.  i decided last second to take advantage of this seemingly inopportune early wake up to drop off kevin at work and head over to the DMV to get a replacement Driver's License.  we arrived early and did not have to wait long which was great and even though i didn't have sufficient ID (since all of it was in my effing wallet duh!), the lady took my photo, gave me temporary 60 day license until i could bring in more ID at which point they would give me my card and i wouldn't have to wait!  MOT A TA MERE!

we went to the mall and played in the play area for a while.  i was amused but not surprised by the number of parents with little toddlers were already there since the mall shops were not even open yet!  the world is a different place for parents of young children...  anyone who has taken a day off and gone to the mall will it is full of strollers hahahahha!

we strolled over to the BMO to pick up a new debit card before heading back into Tsawwassen for a pre-nap brunch and play in the park.  

Mr Muffin is now sound asleep in his crib.  he is getting his two front eye teeth in which i am blaming for his current separation anxiety and inability to soothe himself to sleep.  i've been on and off lying in his crib with him until he falls asleep, at which point my heart just meeelllllts over his delicious little sleeping face!!!!!!  i've been really taking in those moments... i'm very much realizing how fast they grow up and how precious these moments are, i'll never have them again!  and i know, i just KNOW when they are 5, 10, 15, 25 years old, i am going to miss their little sleeping faces like crazy.  i just want to smother his face with kisses!!!!!

anyway.  i'm feeling really great and looking forward to hanging out and getting some TLC from Ms Renee after tomorrow's dr appt :)


  1. I REALLY love these, you are so talented! And I know what you mean about the 365, yesterday I kinda stole your idea and just took a picture of my hand because I looked like such a mess and it was 10pm before I remembered to take it. Ha.


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