i had a superb night out yesterday :)
i'm still smiling ear to ear just thinking about it. i feel ridiculous, to be honest, because i'm fantasizing and reliving it over and over in my head and it was just a few hours out with kev and a small group of our highschool friends for dinner.

we went to Cobre in Gastown with Wendy, Jenice, Ainge and Sasha, and Natalie and Chuck. i can not remember the last time we were all together... i have only reconnected with Wendy recently and the last time I can remember the rest of the girls together was 3 years ago at my wedding.

within the first 10 minutes i was questioned on being sober because i was acting so strangely. i think my description of how i was feeling was that of being in a warm soup of normalcy. i stayed in for 2 days and my emotions and moods in general have been hitting new lows in the past few weeks. last night was exactly what i needed. amazing food and amazing company. the foods was incredible and it felt so good to laugh and talk about ridiculous things with my longtime friends.

we are all hurting in our banks and yet we managed to rack up quite the bill at the end of the night. i don't think there are any regrets just the same. our meal consisted of

Wild Mexican sea prawns
Pipian verde, butter browned corn arepas

Local albacore tuna y pipian rojo azteca
warm Peruvian double smoked bacon causa

Pulled duck and cracklin'y charred scallion, roasted garlic

Lamb bondiga
y mole, sardo parmesan browned garlic popcorn

Oven roasted BC sablefish
Poblano chili
salsa verde y serrano ham, fry bread

Grilled Chillean pork loin, ham hock red lentils, fresh jalepeno

Char grilled Pemberton Meadows flat iron steak
Tijuana baby ceasar
y chorizo buttermilk mashed papas

chipotle tamarind glazed wild boar belly
y patacones

We also had this delicious starter bread that had the texture of fresh doughnuts, slightly crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. It was spiced and salted on top.


Dulce de Leche with fruit, caramel, topped with churros
Chocolate Ganache
This crackalicious orange crumbly cheese-cake-ish pie with orange ice cream and raspberries

My faves were the tuna ceviche, the sablefish, the boar and the desserts

Yeah i'm totally going back there.

i'm feeling really happy


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