sad face

i'm really not feeling great today.
i have taken on more projects than i probably should have...
i wish at least i had not taken on the ones from work since those have been the most taxing.

i'm really upset. i realized only TODAY that i have lost or had my wallet stolen.  the last time i used it was friday when buying lunch at work...  when i went to pay for my lunch on saturday after yoga, i was annoyed that i didn't have my wallet thinking i had left it at home, not really thinking that perhaps i lost it or someone stole it.  i haven't needed it until today and that's when it hit me.

i don't know why it's bothering me so much emotionally...  i'm frustrated that it might be my prego brain not functioning well enough to remember what i may have done with it.  i'm upset that someone possibly picked me out on the skytrain/bus and planned to pick-pocket me...

i'm upset that i now have to replace my license at a time when i feel so crappy about the way i look, and that i will always remember how i was feeling in the new photo and why i had to get a new one...

i'm really tired.  i did have that nice few hours to myself on saturday but i guess in general, i have been spending more time with Moses while kevin has been doing my mom's kitchen, and out of guilt i have been giving him time to work on his own projects to make up for it.

i'm tired and my body is very much feeling out of room.  chloe is right in my diaphragm so that sitting in any sort of relaxed position is actually incredibly uncomfortable.  it does not help that i need so much support for my rack-of-lamb so that my bra is fitted very tightly right over my diaphragm.

i am getting cabin fever...  i feel guilty about money.  i feel bad that i always want to go out to eat...  not because i don't enjoy the food at home, i think it's more i enjoy getting out and being away from the house and feeling "alive" in a very mundane way.

it's days like these where i do very much miss living in vancouver, closer to friends.  it's getting a lot more difficult sitting in the car on days that i have it to drive out.


my hormones and synapses are not working well and this is causing me to feel depressed.


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