i failed to mention my new discovery when Ethan came over for playtimes on Sunday. i haven't done much of the shape sorting with Moses lately, and when we busted it out on Sunday he was able to do all of them! i have no idea when this happened but i'm thrilled :) i just remembered today when we were playing with the shape tub today and so i climbed up into his closet to break out the shape puzzle he got for his birthday from Saara and Leila that has more shapes.

he was excited to have a new toy and for the challenge. for the lack of speech (which does seem to be picking up the past few days) i'm so proud of how well he is doing with his shape sorting and fine motor skillz. he seems to have graduated from the banging and forcing to calmly rotating the shape and sliding it into place.

also! loving how our homemade changetable hooks on perfectly to Moses' toddler rail to make a slide!


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