thank god it's thursday

highlight of today


i need to sleep more. and i really REALLY should be taking advantage of the fact that i CAN sleep earlier. i'm still going to bed anywhere between 11-midnight which is preposterous considering Moses is asleep by 9-9:30pm. i know i will be kicking myself come december with newborn hours...

waking up is manageable but i keep feeling like my brain is in a fog or still partially asleep. even if i don't wake in the middle of a dream, it still feels as if i have.

Moses woke up a little earlier today so i brought him into bed with me for a little bit. he finally got bored and toddled off to play in the living room while i decided to call up Saara and see if she was up for breakfast at Ambiente. i was craving the waffles.

side note
speaking of which, lying around in bed while kevin plucked away at the guitar, i was mumbling the list of things i was craving:

the tim hortons breakfast sandwich on biscuit
corn dogs
(let's drive to Bellis Fair for hotdog on a stick!)
tater tots
dim sum

finally at 11:30pm he said he would make me perogies because he wasn't going out to get me anything so i finally requested we crack open the bag of IKEA meatballs... i'm pretty sure that i looked like a heroin addict while i blissfully stuffed my face with lingonberried meatballs in the middle of our bed.

it was a cool overcast morning. kevin made zucchini-carrot loaf (packed with flax seeds, currants, raisins) with all the extra zucchini we had in the fridge. i brought some along for the kids to snack on for the walk into town. it was such a lovely beautiful morning for a walk despite being a grey day. Moses, Chloe and I shared the waffles, a sausage roll, and zucchini loaf and i melted over my London Fog.

i love Moses age. i love his independence. i love being able to give him his own plate so he can happily feed himself and give me a chance to enjoy my meal.

Saara and Leila came over to play and have lunch with us before heading home for naptime.

then Moses had the Cheerio's party.

today has been a good day :)


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