moses is half fooling around in his crib. hopefully he falls asleep soon.

all these crazy prego dreams are making me wake up feeling super emo in the mornings.

i believe moses is getting on the talking truck. i think he is realizing the importance, convenience, and benefits of being able to communicate. i am starting to integrate more signing into our days as after a week of teaching him "please", he finally got it down and will sign "please" whenever we ask him. darnit! should have done the signing earlier!

this morning on our walk with Saara & Leila, he was attempting to say Leila doing the "l-l-l-l-e-la" movements with his tongue. we walked into town and to the Thrifty's to pick up a few groceries for lunch: salmon & yam fishcakes and bean salad. we dropped by the thrift store on the way back and i picked up two huge trucks for him to play with in our back patio. 2 for $2 each!

school officially begins today for many of my teacher friends and relatives. boo hoo hoo! as my cousin posted "... back to the 5 to 9 grind". i truly believe they deserve all their holidays with hours like that!

for me, september is a wake up call for me to get on my craft wagon. Gotcraft happens to fall on dec 5 (day before Chloe is due!) this year and i would love to do it, but i am not getting a discount/tradesies deal this year and i believe the price per table has increased to over $100. hmmm. i can't decide if it is worth it. i am however signing up for the 2 of the 4 Saturdays at the local Tsawwassen craft markets in November.

i'm doing my best to be realistic and not do a crazy amount of work this time round. i have decided to do 3 items

kid paintings

blah blah blah onesies

holiday and possibly expand into birthday/wedding/etc cards

sigh. i'm so tired.


  1. "all these crazy prego dreams are making me wake up feeling super emo in the mornings".

    Yeah, I know that feeling. I wake up wondering how the hell my brain could come up with such demented things. And why, if I am so tired, won't my brain just let me sleep! Ha ha.


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