whoaaa nelly!

had my monthly dr appt yesterday morning. renee met up with us, ever curious about the goings on of babymaking process. she got to hear the placenta/heartbeat for the first time! Moses seemed extremely confused by the strange mechanism on my belly that was making crazy sounds hahaha.

i was taken aback when i was told to start booking future appointments every 2 weeks! last time i had a gradual easing in of 1 or 2 three week intervals before bi-weekly appointments. suddenly, this baby is more real than ever! yes, it is real that i am pregnant. yes, it is real that she is dancing and tumbling around inside me. yes, i am going to go through labour. yes, i am going to have a teensy weensy newborn that is going to destroy my sleep schedule. last night it dawned on me that there is going to be another "Moses" in my life, another life in my life. another person that i am going to get to know all too intimately for my own good.

i think now that i have had 15 months to see how much happens and changes within a baby's life, it is an entirely different sort of reality. it makes me feel more hopeful and more excited for things to come and keeps me from dwelling so much on the first few grueling months of being a sleep deprived milk machine. with Moses, i knew that in theory things would get easier, i knew there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel but the light was coming from a sharp corner that was not so easily visible.

i spoke to my friend Mary last night. we've been planning to meet up the last few weeks. we were neighbours for as long as i can remember. she lived 3 houses down from us with her mom, older brother and younger sister. we are the same age, a month a part. it was so funny how our lives have unfolded as she got married 3 months before me, pregnant 5 months before me, and AGAIN unexpectedly pregnant with her second 5 months before me again! she now has two boys Matteo and Dimetrius. she told me i would be fine, that life is just insanely busy and constantly going 100km 24/7. this does not surprise me. i know i will manage but i am still pretty terrified.

in other news
my to do list has been shortened!

-fairmont movie montage due for october i have delegated this to my friend ainge hooray!!! i really just do not have the time and energy it takes to do this, plus she is currently looking for a job and i don't have to sellout on my boss
-birthday cards for mc and derek. i hate the ones i made and will probably shamefully cave in to buying them a storebought... :'(
-this blog doing a pretty good job if i don't say so myself...
-paintings and whatnot for the upcoming craft sales yes need to get my ass moving...
-updating my pauhaus blog
-working on my cousin-in-law-to-be's wedding invites making progress!
-prepping my cousin's design/marketing pieces for her upcoming bake sale

it's a grey day today. need to do lots of cleaning and pick up a package from Shopper's.



  1. A mutual friend, Lindsay, sent me to your blog.

    Oh man. I am having my first and those "oh my god, I am creating LIFE, there is an actual PERSON INSIDE ME" moments are always intense. I actually get awe-struck where I can't think about it too much or I break down in tears. Both happy and scared tears, ha ha.
    It is also a strange idea that this little person is gonna know me from day one of her life. I have never thought about my mom and my relationship with her as much as I have in the last few months. Like... whoa... that's gonna be my role.

    I don't know what to expect.


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