here we are again in the wee hours of the morning.  i've been up since 2:24am according to my bedside clock, which is actually 40 mins backwards than the real time making it about 3am.

Moses woke up and walked into our room not crying.  he came into bed but seemed to be extremely restless and kicking and tossing while his eyes were mostly closed.  kev tried to take him back and stay in Moses' room with him but he just whiney-cried the whole time so eventually we gave him tylenol and some tea which helped but i have been awake due to:

-thoughts of Scrambler (version of Boggle i've been playing on my itouch to force myself to lie down and rest my legs)  i've been playing it way too much and so my brain is still doing it
-getting angry about people whom i will not mention here
-trying to figure out wtf i'm going to do tomorrow and if i'll survive it after tonight's lack of shuteye
-aching arms and legs and weird discomfort below my belly

this is getting frustrating.  we can't have Moses in our bed with Chloe on the way, it really is NOT going to work out.

also would like to add a hilarious link to another prego lady's blog that just made me laugh a girl named gear


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