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my head is screwed on backwards.
so yesterday was the FIRST DAY the Moses slept through the night!  woo hoo!  he also went for his nap fairly easily.  i, of course, was not convinced that this was happily ever after, and of course i was right because he woke up early again today and even after swimming and running around with Renee (Nene as he learned today :) ) he still took an hour and much chastising before finally going to sleep.

i am pooped to say the least.  i went to work today while Moses with Renee to see what the posters would look like and to test the DVD's on the projoector.  ainge met up with us with the dvds and it looks AWESOME!  i'm so excited for everything to be set up :)  i will be sure to take photos!

everything is going so fast.  there is so much to do and hardly any time whatsoever.  all the weekends are fully booked until "labour day" and the weekdays are tiny pockets of time in which to complete projects and errands.

-we need to buy a mattress for the bunk bed as it takes a twin and not a crib mattress :P  
-i still have to clean and paint Trizie's dresser
-we still have to clean and paint the dresser that WE bought for Moses and Chloe LOL
-my mom's kitchen still needs the backsplash tiling completed
-kev is still working on the tricycle

baby shower this sunday
halloween next sunday
moses' first dentist appt
craft fair 1 + my niece's birthday party
craft fair 2
kevin's birthday
craft fair 3
kyme's wedding
craft fair 4

6 weeks

my head is spinning
looking forward to yoga this saturday

oh yeah and Moses teeth
all his canines and first molars are on their way, halfway there or just about done (grey)
DARKS - in place


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