grateful cheese

lots of things to note!

Moses sleeping situ...
it's getting better.  i have scoured the internet, i have read advice from other mama's but nothing seemed to relate to Moses' situation.  i've been keeping a "timetable" for all his naps/bedtimes including 
-wha time he was put to bed 
-how long before falling asleep
-our bed our his?
-me or kev sleeping on the floor
-how long he slept
-when he woke up and if he was frantic or ok
it has improved.  he sometimes runs from his room to ours.  we have been leaving his door halfway open and for the past couple of days i have been able to just leave him in his room without him panicking.  he'll take anywhere from 45-60mins to fall asleep but at least i am not needed IN the room anymore :)

Artsy Fartsy
i've been on a roll with my work for the craft fairs!  hooray!  the new emulsion from Blim is fantastic!  a little more sensitive than the hardcore stuff  i used at school, but it seems to be doing it's job!  i'm going to try a screen once Moses falls asleep...

painting has been going great!  we went over to my Mom's on Saturday so Kevin could work on the plumbing while i did a handful of sketches to work from.  it felt awesome to be able to just SIT and DRAW peacefully and i came up with some pretty awesome stuff!

Hip & Hop

Wolfgang & Riding Hood Fishing / The Switch

Marie-Antoinette & Bo-Peep

i am super super stoked about these paintings!  i haven't painted in a while and i have been feeling really good about how they have turned out... so good in fact that i am already having heartache over having to sell them :(


we had 3!  
Saturday was just a regular dinner with my Mom but we gave her Mosie's turkey card so obviously that made dinner Thanksgiving ;)

Sunday!  i waited 365 for this dinner!  my good friend Bronwen hosted her second Vegan (veggie) Thanksgiving with the most mouthwatering dinner!  It was huge!  Everything was homemade including the pumpkin pie from pumpkin in her garden.  It basically ruined pumpkin pie for the rest of my life because no other could ever live up to it.  everything was Soooooo soooo delicious!  she had salads, lentil loaf, freshly baked bread/rolls, roasted veggies, apple-onion stuffing, a cheese sauce and a super tasty mushroom sauce.  i love eating veggie and i wish i had the determination and discipline to do it but i fail.  we have cut back a lot on meat the past few years and it definitely makes a difference you can feel, your body feels cleaner and as if it runs more smoothly.  plus your poop smells better.

Monday! Thanksgiving morning

So thankful for my little family 

we had a potluck dinner at my sister-in-law's place with more delicious food!  we had two stuffings, a delish veggie and water chestnut casserole, turkey, baconated brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes mmm mmmmm MMMMM!!!  dinner was followed by a dessert buffet of pumpkin pie, berry pie, cookies, pineapple fluff, butter tarts, and tea.  

so thankful for all my blessings
life is truly wonderful


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