it' 9am!  Moses is still sleeping :)
he woke up at 5am, we gave him a bottle ( i think it was just hot water or tea? )
and he's still asleep.  he probs needs the extra z z z z z's anyway.

i'm excited for today.  not going to work so i'm thinking today is going to be an arts and crafts sort of creative day :)  i'm gonna have the Mo do a bunch of cards for Thanksgiving having him stamp his handprint in paint and then add the eyes and legs for a TURKEY!  CUTE!!!!!

i am going to give the new emulsion a go when he sleeps. CROSSING MY FINGERS.

my sister sent something in the mail for Moses again and i have to go pick it up after 1pm.

it's colder today and i am excited to bundle up in some cozy fall clothes.


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