projects are on there way.
had jason and stef over yesterday to finalize details on their wedding invites and i worked on my paintings today.  i'm a little concerned about being able to finish them all by nov for the craft sales, but i guess i still have the week to complete and/or work on more if they happen to sell (fingers crossed!).

i still haven't had time to do a test print of the BLAHBLAHBLAH design after so many hours of dicking around with all the emulsion.  it's never a "good time".  i keep putting it off and/or forgetting.

i need to decide whether or not i am going to make new holiday cards or just reprint last years... or both.

we bought the bunk bed.  we've got 7 more weeks til my due date and i am aiming to slowly phase out Moses' crib from the picture and get him comfortable in the top bunk.  i know i am doing this at an excelerated pace but he needs to not associate the crib as being his...  anyway we'll see how this goes.  at the moment we have set up the crib below the bunk and he seems to be fairly unphased by its presence.  i am relieved to have a child who shrugs at changes.  we also bought the big leaf which Moses is super into.

i am feeling convinced these days that his "terrible twos" are occurring now.  Saara was over with Leila today and noted that the terrible twos actually happen between 18-23 months rather than 24-36 months... which doesn't really surprise me.  i just keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself that "this too shall pass", nothing lasts forever.

anyway... just a small update.  sorry for the lack of visuals.


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