As per the title of this post, the week began with Moses coming into the "NO" phase.  for the time being it is pretty damn cute, particularly because he more often than not doesn't just give one "NO", nor is it an obstinate angry "NO".  it's usually a combination of 2-3 no's, occasionally done with head shaking and sounds like he has an Italian accent LOL.  "Nonono". 

I've been drinking hot chocolate almost everyday this week
My yoga substitute told us that pregos burn more calories than a non-prego hiking (justifies the calories of the hot chocolates and the 4 delicious pumpkin/carrot/cream cheese icing muffins from the baby shower)

I am really thankful for my cousin-in-law-to-be, Stef.  I just finished up her wedding invites and sent them to the printers to get samples done.  She has referred me now to not just 1 but ANOTHER one of her girlfriends who is getting married.  I started up on Friend 1 this week.  It was a rough start but it seems to be going pretty well, she is fairly lax and flexible and has shown satisfaction with what I have sent her so far.  Stef called me up again last night to see if I would want to do another invite before referring me to this next friend.  This one is supposed to be even easier to do which is great because I'm running out of time!  i'm happy to be getting business, obviously for financial reasons, but for business sake as well!  More to add to my portfolio!  :)

3.5 complete.  working on number 4 and have 2 more to go.  i scanned the completed 3 yesterday so that i can also sell them as individual prints to be framed or maybe have the image at top with calendar below?  i am really really enjoying painting.  i'm loving the finished product, the relaxation, and the satisfaction of being able to exercise my creativity.

did my first screentest.  it came out pretty well.  the tops and bottoms didn't fully come out, i think the ink dried a bit too quickly so i probably need to add some extender base or keep the screen moist with a spray bottle.  ARGH.  i wish i had some extra cash to invest in a better system, i'm nervous about how many prints won't turn out and how many onesies will be wasted :(  triple sad face.

Moses & Chloe updates
Moses is still having the sleep issues but i was comforted when i brought it to my doctor's attention at our bi-weekly appointment this week and my doctor told me that her son went through the same thing.  i called Michelle the other morning how also happened to tell me that Ethan has started acting similarly.  my doctor basically told me to re-sleep train Moses.  UGH.  so much more difficult with a child who is (1) more clever (2) sleeping in a toddler bed and able to open doors (3) has massive lung capacity.  she said to give her a report when i return for my next appointment so i have begun writing down his sleep schedule details.

basically we have to hunker down and be hardcore.  at least he has had the month to sort of calm down!  PUTTING HIM DOWN: basically he goes into bed (NO BOTTLES) and i let him cry it out. he still gets pretty mad and comes to the door a few times (occasionally finds toys and plays with them until i come in and remove them from the premise), but he seems to understand that i mean business and eventually concedes to falling asleep. 

WAKING UP:  listen to see if he is just tossing and let him try to put himself back to sleep.  if he gets up, we take him back and just rub his back/head until he falls asleep.  if he is more upset, then we will stay on the floor until he manages to fall back asleep but NO MORE SLEEPING IN OUR BED.  poor thing.  once he gets in our bed he does really seem to calm down.  naturally, i guess.  i remember feeling the same way about my parents' bed: secure, safe, comfy.

has been kicking up a storm this past week.  i feel like it has been partially due to all the emotional stress of Moses sleeping schedule, and having to hear his cries of distress and frustration.  i end up having to comfort him while she starts throwing a tantrum inside of me!

my doctor brought up my due date and said she was going to further investigate because of having been given two dates 10 days apart.  basically the issue is what to do if i am a week late according to my initial period-based date?  do we then wait the 10 days until the 16th (secondary due date according to ultrasound).  and if she is not here on the 16th, do we give it another week?  this is very frustrating.  apparently the ultrasound i had was the second one which is usually considered less accurate than the first ultrasound you are supposed to get, which i wasn't directed to do...  ARGH.  frustration nation.


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